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From: "Cecil Turcotte" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Copyright
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 10:29:41 -0400
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To clarify, all websites created in Canada, the United States, and Europe
innately include copyright. What is refered to here is the registering
and/or the hiring of lawyers to police the work, and limit it's use outside
of the http download (i.e. to view your web page, the user MUST copy your
web page to their computer). The copyright statement below clearly outlines
the desired, and authorized use of the material.

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> RootsWeb is a free information host. We knew that when we registered.
> It's going to be hard to protect data from abusers. Scripts may protect
> how some data is reproduced. Blocked right-click will keeps out folks
> who want to copy one-liners. Copyrights are expensive, need continual
> updating and are only as good as our willingness to follow through with
> action against the abuser.
> I use the following disclaimer, however, there are lots of holes in it
> and I'm not sure I can, or want to, act to back it up:
> "This website honors the RootsWeb free information policy. Freely copied
> any information for personal use. However, copying whole pages is
> discouraged. Use for profit or presentation in any format requires
> written permission. Unless otherwise stated, original code scripts,
> original text, original art work, original compilation, including
> compilation of pre-existing text, and photographs, are the property of
> this family. Authors/custodians of donated material retain the right to
> their works and are free to distribute their material in a manner of
> choice, including sell for profit and presentation in any format."
> Having a watermark for photos may help identify the photo as your
> property. PDF format has ways to restrict use including copy and save.
> However, your site search may not include the information in the PDF.
> PDF does have its own search tool.
> The big problem for me is when folks borrow my free material, publish
> it, use my name as source, and don't add my research notes that show the
> material needs verification, or my disclaimer about information compiled
> from a working file that may contain errors. I've removed family reports
> from my site because of this problem.

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