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From: "charles goodwin" <>
Subject: [FreeHelp] Freepages and Help
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 16:42:17 -0500

Hello my friends, all who read, contribute and moniter the RootsWeb
Freepages Help Forum.
May I offer a reasonable interpretation of this Forum.

Freepages and Help.

Some very nice, considerate, self-sacrificing people have made the World
Wide Web available
to any and all who wish to post, publish, display their genealogy data to
the World Community.
The WWW extends to the whole globe and beyond.
I personally would like to thank each of you for your part in giving me my
own little spot in this universe.

The FreepagesHelp Forum has an untold number of individuals who have just
come to RootsWeb and
need to know things that they don't even know they need to know. We have all
been there. I believe
we do them a grave injustice if all they see on their first visit to the
HELP ME PLEASE! forum is some
technical jargon designed to run them off. So if this is your first visit to
the freepageshelp forum, this
is the place where you recieve the help to get your freepages account on the

How many different types of data are being displayed on the RootsWeb
Freepages Servers?
Probably as many as there are people out there wanting to display their
particular genealogy.
I would like to thank the knowledgable people at the help desk for their
efforts to support and help
with all the different clients and programs.

As with any philosophy a good premise is necessary to establish some form of
communication of ideas.

First and foremost premise is that genealogy pages displayed on RootsWeb
Freepages are a form of
ScrapBooking. I have always enjoyed the days of youth with grandmother when
she would pull out the family
photo album and tell stories about the people in it. Now that I have
grandchildren, I can point their
computer to the "URI" of my photo album. Mine has just grown into more than
an album, it has evolved into
a scrapbook. Thanks to the 21st Century Technology, I can make it look any
way I want it to look.
However, I must conform to the rules of this 21st Century Technology.

So the second and foremost premise is that "HyperText Transfer Protocol" is
the avenue by which my
web pages travel the globe. As with any highway or freeway in any major
metropolis, if I jump on I better be up to speed or suffer the consequences.
There are enough rules and regulations concerning HTTP to send even the most
advanced user into a brain seizure. Luckily many of these advanced users
have teamed up
to make this freeway friendly to almost all users. So now even the most
novice and computer illiterate can
get out there and play with the big dogs. I would refer to myself as

The third and foremost premise is that "HyperText Markup Language" or
commonly referred to as HTML,
is the vehicle by which we traverse this global internet. Whether I make a
list, chart, graph, album, or novel,
with a basic text editor or a fancy program with all the built in features,
it travels from my computer to your computer using HTML. Our friendly team
of advanced users mentioned above have ironed out the many
obstacles and wrinkles of this medium by the organization of concepts
employed by the technical resources
of this 21st Century.

When Windows 98 came out with FrontPage97 my first question was 'How does it
do that?'.
HTML has been a hobby of mine ever since. What my question did was to make
me go out there and
investigate HTML and learn it enough to produce a fancy web page. Some of my
novice attempts are
still out there at certain URI's. Some of my advanced learning web pages are
too. Any and all of them I am sure would give a good laugh to our team of
advanced users.

Therefore, may RootsWeb Freepages Help Forum endeavor to help the forlorn,
weary webpage author to
get their page posted on the RootsWeb Servers so that future generations of
grandbabies will be able to
access their grandparent's scrapbook, photo album, database or whatever you
may choose to call it.

Furthermore, if RootsWeb Freepages Help Forum has evolved into the need of a
more technically communicated forum, I will gladly volunteer to help with
the HTML and Web Architecture Resources
I have at my disposal. And, I would expect the same willingness to volunteer
from the most recent user account individuals who apparently want to help
but may be having a small problem with knowing how to

Please do not respond to this message on the Freepages Help Forum unless
your statement benifits the most recent freepages account user that comes to
the help desk for aide. My email is always open for communication and I
invite your positive responses. We are the people who make RootsWeb an
enjoyable experience for the internet traveler. The Help Desk should make
any webpage author feel at home and
comfortable at their Home @ RootsWeb Freepages.

Glossary Term for Today is:
HyperText -
text which is not constrained to be linear.

c for charles
theflAme is from above


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