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From: "Judy Florian" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Frontpage2000 question
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 16:21:16 -0400
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I figured out a temporary work-around so I thought I'd post it back here.

I can right click an existing file, click copy. Put the cursor on the
folder I need, click paste. That adds to the file name (same
name)_copy.htm (without the parentheses marks).

Then I can rename the file, add new info to the page and just do Save
(rather than Save As).

Temporary fix, but it works fine for now.


On 9/11/07, Judy Florian <> wrote:
> I have a Frontpage2000 question
> Every so often, Fp2 crashes on "save as." and gives a "could not write to
> the referenced memory." It does not matter if you open an existing page &
> try save as, or open a new page and just insert one word & do save as--- it
> crashes.
> If you Google (Frontpage crashes on save as), you'll see others have had
> the same problem. While my solution before has always been to do a System
> Restore of WindowsXP Pro, I now cannot do that because Norton Internet
> Security 2007 has 'broken' Windows System Restore functionality! (Installed
> in June & discovered the connection to Norton in July--and although I
> uninstalled Norton, it did not fix Restore :-( Norton has no fix for this
> problem their software created.
> The web users who have had the same Fp issue say Fp is reading the Title
> and Meta description wrong, and to copy the header info out, and save in
> Notepad, then use Advanced Insert to re-insert the header info --- OR to
> delete page by page until I find the corrupted page(s). Both sound like way
> too much work.
> I did do Fp Cleaner on the Find History & Temp Files. Should I try to
> delete the Cache with the FP Cleaner?--Would that help the problem?
> OR...
> Could I re-insert the disk for Fp and reinstall the program over the
> existing Fp program? Would that help?
> OR...
> Uninstall Fp and reinstall? But then I forget how to get My Webs folder
> back into Fp.
> Any ideas appreciated... Or, if anyone knows how to make System Restore
> work again...
> Judy

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