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From: "Judy Florian" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Site splitting
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2007 13:20:10 -0400
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Even with freepages, it's "like" having different websites when using the
different "categories" (genealogy, family, religions, etc). I link my
freepages back and forth... and for upload, they're all in a different main
folder to match the category. So to me, it's not much different than having
2 "locations."

One advantage for you going to freepages is saving space on your ISP,
especially with photos.


On 9/23/07, Jill Muir <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am re-doing a website of mine and I am collecting village stories and
> photographs. I am wondering if I could put the stories and accompanying
> photos on freepages whilst the rest of my site stays with my ISP - all I
> would be doing is linking to the freepages site. It would be in the same
> format.
> Am I simply creating work for myself - in effect having two websites
> instead
> of one?
> Best wishes Jill,

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