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From: Pat Asher <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Mailmerge
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 11:24:34 -0400
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At 11:13 AM 9/29/2007, Tom Beatty wrote:
>Can someone please point me to current, up-to-date instructions on
>how to use Mailmerge to add a form to my FREEPAGES website and have
>the results of that form e-mailed to me?
>I have read the tutorials on RootsWeb and have followed the
>instructions explicitly, but nothing I do seems to work. I never get
>an e-mail message with the results of the form input.
>Any help appreciated. Please reply to me off list if possible.
>Address is .


We'll need the URLs of your form input page and template to offer advice.


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