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From: "Judy Florian" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] saving style sheet in Expressions Web
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008 23:03:54 -0500
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I had the same problem in Frontpage 2000.

I used the following work-around.

While in Expressions, Re-name your ORIGINAL css to something ("original.css"
might be good) Let Expressions "update" the links.

Open it, COPY the css.

Open a text editor, like Notepad.

Make changes IN the text editor.

Save As (make sure you change the extension to *.css) and name it the SAME
NAME as the filename you are already using in the link on your pages. This
is important so you don't break links. Let Expressions re-"update" the

Now, your new changes exist in a "new" file but named the same as what you
already had named it before.

Every time you want to change the css, repeat the steps. A pain, but it


On 2/5/08, Cindy Smith <> wrote:
> I am having a very frustrating time with my CSS style sheet in Expressions
> Web.
> I set my website up with a Dynamic Web template. Now when I try to make
> changes to my style sheet, I am having trouble saving the changes. If I go
> into the DWT and click on the style sheet to open it, it won't let me save
> the changes because it asks me the file path and file name I wish to save it
> to. When I try to save it in stylesheet/sheet3 it asks if I want to replace
> the file called sheet3. If I say yes, it says I can't because the file is
> open.
> If I open the style sheet by going to my files and opening sheet3, when I
> save the changes, they don't save. In other words, the change has no effect
> on the styles on the html pages.
> If I try to make a change in the style sheet by accessing the style sheet
> from the webpage I am trying to style, I have the same problem. The changes
> won't save. I ended up with two files named sheet3, and I had to rename one
> sheet 5 in order to close it.
> What is causing this problem?

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