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From: "Ralph Taylor" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] FREEPAGES-HELP Digest, Vol 3, Issue 46
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 12:31:53 -0700
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Re" ".. there was a link to the archives for this help group. Can the link
be re-posted?"

The link is
Search the archives at

But, I don't do it that way when I need it -- too many items in my favorites
already. It takes more time to find the saved link (even with a
classification scheme) than to drill down through Rootsweb's menus.

It's quick & easy enough to find by (1) going to, (2)
clicking on the "Mailing Lists" tab, then (3) "Find a mailing list". (4)
Enter "freepages" into the search box & click "Search"' (5) click the result
that comes up. On the resulting page, you have several choices; (6) the two
you'd be interested in are "Browse the archives" & "Search the archives".
"Browse" if you know the approximate date; "Search" if you know the author
or subject.

Substitute another term for "freepages" and you have a way to get at the
archives for any Rootsweb mailing list.


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