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From: Rod Dav4is <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Banner Instructions for Validating XHTML StrictDoctype
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 15:37:39 -0400
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This method of placing a banner_select file in our misc_html directory
only works if ALL our pages are of one particular type, say XHTML What
if our pages are of different types, e.g. HTML, XHTML, XML, etc?


Patricia Geary wrote:
> To change the banner code so that it will validate if you are using
> the XHTML doctype
> create a file named "banner_select" containing only the text:
> XHTMLNeutral
> and nothing else. The file should be a plain text file and the file
> name must not include a file extension, i.e. do NOT name it
> banner_select.txt or banner_select.html
> Upload the file to your misc_html directory.
> This will change the banner code for your entire
> Freepages account, e.g. family_html, genealogy_html, military_html,
> etc. as well as misc_html.
> If your system will not allow you to save or upload a file without a
> file extension, upload the file with the extension as required by
> your system, then rename the file on the server. File Manager can be
> used to rename the file without the file extension or your ftp program.
> The banner_select file can only include one or the other. It can not
> include both
> BasicGreen
> XHTMLNeutral
> So if you want a green background and you are using the XHTML
> doctype, you will have to make a decision as to which you want - the
> green banner or a site that validates.
> I like the gray so I went with it and my site now validates.
> Remember , if you are currently using the HTML doctype, your site
> should validate with no problems IF your other coding is correct.
> Thank you Randy.
> Pat Geary
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