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From: Barry Carlson <>
Subject: [FreeHelp] Screen Resolution and Page Layout - Part 2
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 23:22:04 +1200

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed or Liquid layouts:-

(a) Fixed width - Your page layout stays together in all screen resolutions,
but as the screen or window resolution falls below that in which the page
was designed, the horizontal scrollbar comes into play and the text/image
size increases proportionately. When the screen /window resolution
the page content looks smaller and becomes more difficult to view at a
distance from the monitor. NB.. Pages using 'absolute positioning' also
fall into this category.

(b) Liquid layout - Your page layout will adjust to the screen/window width
and number of lines of text will increase for decreasing screen/window
widths and likewise decrease for increasing screen/window widths. The pixel
dimensions of objects such as images remains the same and they will become
vertically displaced with decreasing screen/window width, or horizontally
displaced with increasing screen/window widths. Simply put, the page layout

As you will note, there are compromises to be made or accepted when using
either method.

Clientside JavaScript can be used to ensure that your page looks essentially
the same - whether viewed in a 640px or a 2000px width screen. In other
words it can downsize or upsize all dimmensions by reference to the design
width and the actual screen/window width in which the page is being
But like everything, it also has its limitations - JavaScript 'OFF' and the
page reverts to fixed width at its design resolution!

A sample screen shot page is at:-

with links to the demonstration page and another screen shot at 1600px

With one proviso; its not for beginners, though there is no harm in being
aware of the "third method", but is aimed at for those already versed in
using CSS and other aspects of page layout.


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