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From: Ron Lankshear <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] FTP settings - KompoZer
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 14:51:12 +1000
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I find Kompozer help on publishing vague - I use
on my Macbook when I happen update when away. Just
trying with the Windows version

I have it working this way

1. On Publish Page - Settings

A Site Name - Rootsweb or anything I suppose - it
will remember the folder etc - best to use the

In Publishing address

Then my Id and password

The help says to put URL in Web Site info box -
not clear why - and I left it blank - just added
and cannot see anything it does

There is also a button "Select Directory" - does
not seem to do anything except when clicked new
Site and thye button shows my computer

2. On Publish Page - Settings

The Site name

The file currently selected - you can enter a
Title for file

Then a box for Site Directory for this page
and it does look like you have to enter the
directory manually.
Well once at least - it keeps a drop down list for
future use.
But it does not seem to remember which directory
you used last time.


I will stay with filezilla - can open all folders
easily and the comparison button tells me what I
need to publish etc

Ron Lankshear - Sydney Aust (from London-
Shepherds Bush & Chiswick)
PS Ron often omits vital words like THE and NOT in

Barry Carlson wrote:
> Could someone who is using either the NVU or KompoZer for uploading to
> Freepages be kind enough to publish their FTP settings to the list
> (excluding the password).
> I can publish to the root directory of the appropriate Freepages community,
> e.g. genealogy_html, but my attempts to get a file uploaded to a sub
> directory get the dreaded 553 "can not create the file" error.
> Barry
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