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From: "the cohens" <>
Subject: [FreeHelp] address not reliably privatized
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 05:47:07 -0700

Hope okay to post this here.

I just discovered after searching that
my email address for some posts to this list are out there in plain
view, and now accessible to search engines in the archiver altho
privatized once the post is clicked on.

To test this, I entered my email address to the left of the address in
google "". And there were lots of email
addresses out there in plain view, not just mine.

I sent a message to rootsweb but am worried they may not fix it. I
have just now for a couple day started getting spam email and think it
is likely to be due to this.

We should be able to count on rootsweb to hide our addresses. Could
this be due to complications on the new servers? Shouldn't they not be
feeding our addresses to search engine, or do they only prevent humans
but not bots from getting the addresses?

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