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Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] address not reliably privatized
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 12:41:01 EDT


No--there is encryption for list archives--#number, javascript and flybait.
List email addresses (as has already been explained in this thread) are
encrypted in a different manner than the degraded graphics used on the boards.

The programmer was talking about adding "captcha" but if those of us who
occasionally are enlisted to help remove spam that sometimes makes the lists via
the gateway had to enter letters manually before accessing each archived
post the job could become very tedious. So I hope that isn't done.


In a message dated 8/28/2008 9:42:32 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

To my knowledge, LIST mails have always openly displayed posters'
email addresses. I can search on the first addy I ever had and find
my oldest posts. You can also Google a topic you know you posted and
it appears in Google.

You might be thinking of Ancestry's block on addresses for Message
Board posts. There you can block others from seeing your email


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