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From: "the cohens" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] address not reliably privatized
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 23:14:24 -0700
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Thanks Randy,

Prevention seems very important...why give new spammers a head start?

I also forgot to mention that email addresses also seem to be clearly
visible in html comments in the source. If it's in an html comment,
robots can view and grab it as well.

Spoke with a friend tonite who has been active in the anti-spam
movement, and he was quite jaded, basically saying that encryption
schemes can be decoded, saying that if the address is visible to a
person (I am assuming he meant as text), then spammers can save a copy
of it as well.

Thanks for considering the issue.

On 8/28/08, Randy Winch <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'll see what I can do when I have a few free cycles. I do reject known
> spiders from searching because it can really tax the system but it never
> hurts to be safe.
> Randy Winch
> On Thu, 2008-08-28 at 18:53 -0700, the cohens wrote:
>> So many responses, thank you, I won't be able to respond all of you
>> but am reading what everyone is writing. When I use the search in a
>> plain text browser (lynx, my most favorite speedy browser) that has no
>> javascript, the addresses appear on the results page in snippets. As
>> I understand it, my browser is just the same to servers as if it was a
>> fact, some sites won't let me access them because they
>> think lynx is not a person using a browser!
>> And yes, before I posted to the list, I did send a trouble report.
>> Rootsweb wouldn't go to all the trouble they are going to if they
>> didn't intend to totally hide all email addresses. I think their
>> problem may be they possibly have not coded their program to look for
>> html special character codes for the less than < and the greater than
>> > sign, which sometimes appear in source as addresses with "& lt ;"
>> and "& gt ;" (without the spaces) around them, instead of the quoted
>> addresses appearing with those brackets around them. Rootsweb's code
>> may not be catching those.
>> Just a hunch, I haven't have time to do more testing. It may have to
>> do with whether the email is sent as html or text or unicode to the
>> server, that might or might not be a factor. But I betcha their
>> filter doesn't recognize the precoded special characters as
>> surrounding an email address.
>> I do use gmail, as Ron recommended, and still am getting, in spam
>> folder, emails that are not getting filtered out before delivery.
>> They do get marked as spam, but I need to check spam folder and would
>> rather not encourage more harvesting of my address.
>> I had considered encrypting my address before when sending it to a
>> list, but I am not sure I can do that when sending smtp mail or from
>> gmail online. My email client won't do it for me, either way, AFAIK.

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