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From: "Marcia C Farina" <>
Subject: [FreeHelp] Directories remain alphabetized; html links breaking
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 14:12:09 -0500

My thanks to the Rootsweb programmer/programmers for a recent change.

I generally use file manager, uploading new pages one or two at a time.
Previously, when new html pages and/or images were added, the server placed
them with a rhyme or reason known unto itself. I have noticed over the past
week that as pages/images are added, the online directories are remaining in
alphabetical order (or at least are displayed that way), which makes it ever
so easy for file manager users to locate files on an ongoing basis. THANKS

Separate issue:

I build each page on my harddrive, test links, etc. Everything works
as planned when I finish and upload the page/images to the Rootsweb
server: I can sit at my computer and view html pages - on my harddrive -
just as if I were viewing the pages on the web.

But sometimes a link will break. NOT on Rootsweb - the very same page from
which a link is broken on my harddrive page, when viewed online, will still
click/link/connect to the "to" page. In these cases I have not, repeat
NOT, changed the link code on the "from" page, have NOT changed the name of
the "to" page.

To repair the link - again, it's only broken on my harddrive - I create a
new text file, copy/paste the html code wholesale, delete the old text and
html pages, save the new text file as an html page, and the link will again
work as desired. If this had not happened multiple times, exactly as I have
described, I would think it a pilot error. It some little twitch that
occurs on my harddrive. It doesn't happen frequently, but often enough to
make me wonder about it.

I went from Windows Millenium to Vista (had to turn off the User Account
Control so that webpages would link on my harddrive).

The described glitch never, ever happened with Millenium. It's a minor
distraction in the large scheme, but I've always wondered if other people
have encountered the same situation and, if so, whether or not someone has
figured out what goes awry.


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