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From: Rosalind Davies <>
Subject: [FreeHelp] uploading problems- now solved
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2008 09:30:04 +1000
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I was asked how my son fixed my problems with the modem which was
causing my uploading problems since the 18th August so I thought I'd
post the explanation to the list in case it assists others with the same

Tested whether connection to ftp server was the server or local
computer. Connection could be made with another system, so the problem
had to be local.
Started system in safe mode with network enabled, this removed all
virus, firewall, spyware shields that may be blocking the ftp. Still no
connection. So checked modem settings.

The problem was with the ADSL2 modem from Optus , a speedstream 4200. It
seemed to not to handle the ftp port changes when passive mode is engaged.
The firmware of the modem was upgraded to the latest version and this
seem to fix the problem.

Best wishes,
Ros Davies

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