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From: "Judy Florian" <>
Subject: [FreeHelp] Frontpage2000_Find > Replace to change Meta Tags
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 01:08:23 -0500

Here's what I've been doing to change this

<META NAME="expires" CONTENT="2005-10-31T00:00:00EST>


<meta name="expires" content="never">

in Frontpage2000

Click Edit > Replace

Top string FIND--enter from the word Meta to the last letter of the
time (EST) -- in an expires meta
(don't need to include the brackets <...> or the last quote mark, as
long as you MATCH what you use in the Replace field)

Bottom string REPLACE ---enter from the word Meta to the last letter
of never without the end quote or the <... >
(You can enter the entire string you used, and the entire Replace
string. But if careful, you can also leave out < > as long as you
leave them out on both Find and Replace. You will still have the <
and > in your page, because you did nothing to either find or replace
the < >

So I find this:

META NAME="expires" CONTENT="2005-10-31T00:00:00EST (note, no " at end)

and replace with this:

meta name="expires" content="never (note, no " at end)

When you do Find > Replace, click ALL pages, and click seach in HTML.
Match case and Find Whole Words is not as important on this search.

I stop after it finds 20, 50, or 100... mostly because clicking is
monotonous and I don't want to "confuse" Frontpage. If I could stand
clicking almost 3,000 times, though, I could do all 1,500 pages ;-)
(2 clicks per page)

When you stop, highlight the first page shown; It opens in HTML view.
It will highlight what you wanted to Find.

Click Replace; A box will open on top for Save Page and Close > Click
OK (careful not to hit Cancel). So every change means TWO MANUAL
clicks. And the 2 boxes aren't so close together (good carpel tunnel

On the last "found", the box will flip to the starting point with a
button on top for RESUME (Looking for more). Click Resume; repeat
steps. You can stop/pause any time, finish what it found, and resume
as many times as you want.

There is NO one-click global replace (I wish) in Frontpage2000.

Although there is no "undo", it IS simple to RE-do a Find--Replace to
fix a created error. Let's say you made a typo. Instead of :
meta name="expires" content="never you typed
meta name="expires" content="nvr and you put that in 50 pages.
All you do is FIND the wrong item and replace it with the right one.
Here, technically, you could just search for the nvr with or without
quotes and replace with never with or without quotes. (as long as you
make sure the finished correction is "never" with quotes).

TIP: Let's say you have 100 pages in your web and you changed one
meta line. Frontpage will tell you it found X number in X number of
pages. Ideally, this would be 100 found in 100 pages ("a" meta only
appears one time in each page). But let's say you have 3 txt files, 2
pdf pages (total 5 non-htm), leaving 95 htm or html files. Your count
will be off by 5. To double-check that you have replaced to all
pages, search just for meta name="expires" content="never and see
if your "found" matches the total number of web pages. Using our
example of 5 non-htm pages, it might say Found 95 times in 95 pages on
the left side of the box, in a total of 100 pages. If so, and you
know those 5 pages would not have a meta in them, you know you
successfully replaced it in every page.

TIP 2: If, like me, you have metas with different years, like
META NAME="expires" CONTENT="2005
META NAME="expires" CONTENT="2006
META NAME="expires" CONTENT="2007

Then, run the first replace as described above.

Then, just search for META NAME="expires" CONTENT="2 and it will
show all instances where the content=" has any year beginning with 2
Then, manually open each page it shows, change the year-date-time
stamp to never (make sure to not erase the quotes... so it appears as
"never") and save>close page. Repeat till finished.


You can change each page manually by clicking the page and opening
Page Properties > Custom tab >look for the Meta and change it there.
Save. Close box. Close & save page.

I am still trying to decide how to use Find > Replace to remove an

I think it would work to FIND this
<META NAME="expires" CONTENT="2005-10-31T00:00:00EST> (with brackets included)
and REPLACE with
just one space (would that work??)


On 1/4/09, Patricia Geary <> wrote:
> At 04:46 PM 1/4/2009, Ron Lankshear wrote:
> >If FP global replace does not handle the change
> This was written for Expression Web
> I have no idea if it works with the version of FrontPage Judy has or
> not. I looks like the same interface in fp2003 BUT I think Judy has
> an earlier version.
> pat

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