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From: Ron Lankshear <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Word Family history into a Gedcom
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 23:51:11 +1100
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If one was absolutely brilliant at Gedcom 5.5 I suppose one could
convert the word stuff into text and runs macros to convert to gedcom tags.
But I've looked at gedcom trying to fix errors some new software said
was wrong but did not offer a fix - threw that out. But my mind was
boggled. Html is much easier.
If it was excel than always possible could be converted to Access and
then patched say into Legacy.

Is it a lot of data?

Re-entering into some new gedcom program would probably be more
productive then trying some script or other. And you get to learn all
the ancestors again.

Reminds me time to make sure my gedcom is uptodate.

Now this site says has

How do I Convert a Text File to a GEDCOM?

Some tricky stuff but he has a step by step

Ron Lankshear -Sydney NSW (from London-Shepherds Bush/Chiswick)
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Jill Muir wrote:
> Not sure if this is allowed - but it is genealogy.
> On a mailing list where I am one of the admins, someone has asked how he can
> make his Word documented Family history into a Gedcom. I can only see that
> he would have to manually enter the data into a family history program.
> I thought it was worth asking anyhow. I can see how he could make a
> website, especially moving Word into Expression Web but not accessing World
> Connect with a Word doc.

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