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From: "J Chapman" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] FREEPAGES-HELP Digest, Vol 4,Issue 278 "What do you think of Dreamweaver?"
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 16:22:14 -0000
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As a professional user of Dreamweaver I have no hesitation in saying that
it's the best web design software on offer and is ahead of the other main
contender 'Expression Web'. Having said that it's not perfect. The latest
version, Dreamweaver CS4, is not fully Windows 7 compatible in that you
can't use the Windows 7 half screen feature and you can't use Windows 7's
'scale text and icons to 125%' or more without important icons being lost
from the toolbars and properties window. It's also very sensitive to FTP
remote server paths being exactly right. Paths which would work in Vista
won't for instance work with Bravehost servers and Windows 7. All of these
problems are irritations but can be overcome. More of an issue is the fact
that it places a high demand on your computer so don't bother using it on
an older less powerful computer.

Dreamweaver's price - like all Adobe's products is simply outrageous;
especially so if you happen to live in Europe. It's cheaper for me to fly to
the US, buy a copy and return, rather than to purchase it in the UK.

Dreamweaver's learning curve isn't a real obstacle, many of the advanced
features (e.g. the Spry I used on my review of genealogy programs are hidden in the menus
where they are available -if you need to use them.

There are still some things that are easier to do in a web editor such as
Coffee Cup rather than Dreamweaver and nothing replaces a good knowledge of
html and CSS, but given a choice of all the Web editors, I would still
choose Dreamweaver over all the others faults and all.

John Chapman

> From:
> Subject: [FreeHelp] Software
> After I gave up writing web pages I was given a program called IBM
> WebSphere Homepage Builder. I would never stop using it except IBM no
> longer
> supports it and it will not run on a 64 bit computer. What I would like
> to know
> is what do you thing of DreamWeaver? Is it as good as Adobe claims? I
> have
> been told that my daughter wants to buy it for my Christmas present.
> Before
> she rushes into this, I would like to know of any experiences with
> DreamWeaver. I have tried using KompoZer, but it is lacking. I use it to
> teach
> people how to build a web site since it is free and a good place to
> start. I am
> currently using it to modify my two existing web sites. I am basically
> too
> lazy to write my own code.
> Any help with this would be appreciated.
> Charles Patterson
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