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From: Henrik Rasmussen <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Getting Started With Freepges
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 07:20:02 -0400
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Those sub folders are already present when a new account is setup. You do
not have to create them. However you can create additional folders if you
choose to.

Rik Rasmussen

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 1:11 AM, J.A. Florian <> wrote:

> Pat,
> On your help file, before you get to this part: "When you look in your
> directory, you'll see subdirectories called "genealogy_html",
> "family_html",
> "history_html" and so on. Upload your HTML and GIF files into whichever
> subdirectory relates to your pages."
> Could you put where they should go to sign in first?
> Perhaps something like this:
> Note that your UserName and password for freepages webspace is NOT your
> sign-in information to access
> Every account holder for freepages may use a different Web creator program
> and may use different FTP to upload. Therefore, this file cannot address
> *all* questions since we won't know at this point what programs you are
> using.
> However, you can sign into File Manager, which will show you the names of
> the "Communities" that freepages offers. The URL for File Manager is: (I
> always forget the URL but I know you have it :-)
> While in File Manager, look at each community. You'll see that there are
> no
> sub-folders or files (yet), but there will be as you upload your created
> pages. For now, if you want, you can practice a little with File Manager.
> Go to the Create Sub-Directory and make a folder called "test" without the
> quotation marks. Now go up and click on the folder. Again, right now it
> will be empty because you have not uploaded anything. Whatever you name a
> sub-folder on your Computer will show as that name when you upload, and all
> the files in that sub-folder will also show after uploading. For now,
> click
> back on the community name where you made your test sub-folder. Highlight
> the radio button beside the folder "test" and go back down and Delete
> Sub-folder. A confirm message will show, asking you to confirm your
> request
> to delete. Note: If you had webpages uploaded in your "test" sub-folder,
> ALL would be deleted if you delete the sub-folder. This practice shows you
> how your sub-folders will look once they are uploaded.
> It's also important to mention here that the name you give your Web
> folder on your computer must match one of the communities. So for
> example, under My Documents><My Webs> you should make a folder called
> genealogy, if you intend to upload to the genealogy community on freepages.
> You would keep everything for that community in the same folder on your PC.
> This same-name method will simplify things when you go to upload.
> Note that it is also important to try to pick one Web Editor and use it for
> your whole site. You can convert from one Web Editor to a different one,
> but you could end up with problems. So pick one that seems easiest for you
> to use. There are many free WYSIWYG web editors available. You do not
> have
> to use the Editor provided in the File Manager.
> --
> Anyway, those are my suggestions. I know how confused I was when I was new
> and Pat tried to tell me I shouldn't have My Webs named something else on
> my
> PC. Other people have had the same problem since my posts. And it was
> useful to me when I was new to actually SEE how the sub-folders looked
> inside File Manager and how the Create/Delete controls worked there.
> Judy
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