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From: "J.A. Florian" <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] help with my freepages
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 11:44:19 -0400
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I was not talking about domain names. In freepages, for example, the
domain of freepages.rootsweb.ancestry, or my account name would be similar
to a domain name. Who'd want an overall website name of the freepages
phases or a website name as "Florian"? (lol)

Instead, I was talking about thinking about and choosing a descriptive
overall "name" for your website which would be used on all pages in the top
area. The overall name makes a site identifiable as a cohesive unit -- or
"branding". Since all users of freepages can't put our "branding" (our
website "name") in the URL as we could do at a, all I was saying
was, think about how you want your whole website to be known and develop a
"Short Descriptive WebSITE Name".

I never said to use the Website name as an any H tag, whether 1, 2, or 3.
H tags are for ON-page "titles". (The H1 title, ideally, should match or
closely match what you put in your title TAG for THAT page.)

ON the page, I use the "Website Name" as a header (header meaning, at the
top, mast area -- like how newspapers consistently identify "this is xxx
newspaper" by putting it across the top of each page of the paper. Or, a
Website Name can be compared to assigning a Title//A Name for a book you're

Under that area with the Website Name is the ON-page H1 tagged, "This is the
title of THIS page". (Therefore, the H1 is like the title of a newspaper
Article, or like the title of a chapter in a book.)

So my website name is Washington County PAGenWeb. ON the page, in the
uppermost/top/mast section is that name.

Below that would be my H1 "This is what I named THIS page" As an example,
"Jones Family" as an ON-page title is much less descriptive than an ON-page
title of "Jones Family of Auld Country, Scotland" or "1844 Will for Tom
Jones of Amwell Township", etc.

My comment about Mast head was referring to a mast IMAGE where I'd still
need to use text in the code to tell Browsers what the Mast Image says.
It's easier, IMO, to just make it an include for the Website Name. If the
include uses an image, you still need the text.

All of my other comments were about HEAD TAGS (in the coding). And it's
acceptable to use the Website Name WITH the unique page name in the title
tag. I stated I found it best to put Unique First_Followed by Website
Name/branding. There will never be 2 pages with the same Title Tag, as long
as the unique part is included and I found it best to use the unique in the
first in the title tag. As examples:
<.title>The John Jones Family_Washington Co PAGenWeb</title>
<.title>John Jones 1800-1844_Washington Co PAGenWeb</title>
<.title>Mary Jones d. 1816 wife of Mathew Jones_Washington Co
<.title>1813 Will of Josiah Jones_Washington Co PAGenWeb</title>

Same with the Description tag and Keyword Tag--- load the unique qualifiers
first, then the ones that apply to all pages (for YOUR site) like family
history, genealogy, genealogical research (etc).

On Thu, Jun 23, 2011 at 9:29 AM, Patricia Geary <>wrote:

> At 09:18 AM 6/23/2011, lrlaskey wrote:
> >There may some confusion here, if I understand the discussion. One
> >refers to the sites title, which is typically the same as the domain
> >name and is show on every page to let viewers know where they are. The
> >second refers t the title of the page itself which describes the page's
> >contents.
> The <title> tag defines the title of the document.
> The title element is required in all HTML/XHTML documents.
> The title element:
> * defines a title in the browser toolbar (at the top of the
> browser window EXCEPT in IE9)
> * provides a title for the page when it is added to favorites
> * displays a title for the page in search-engine results
> The <h1> to <h6> tags are used to define HTML headings.
> <h1> defines the most important heading. <h6> defines the least
> important heading.
> Heading tags are used by search engines to identify words which are
> more important than the rest of the page text. The theory is that
> headings will sum up the topic of the page, so they are counted as
> important keywords.
> So if your page is about say the Boone Family Genealogy, that would
> be both the title of the page and the h1 tag for that page. I would
> not use the domain name for the title of the page.
> Example: My domain name is BUT I would
> NOT want that as the title of my page. I would choose the title and
> the h1 tag for what the page is actually about - Little Family
> Genealogy or Bayless Family History by Virginia Bayless O'Connell
> As for branding the site, I use the same masthead on all of my pages
> which is the site name.
> pat

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