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From: Pat Asher <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] Duplicate Notes in WorldConnect tree
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 16:29:32 -0400
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At 12:09 PM 7/13/2011, Harlan Rosacker wrote:
>However, the tree which appeared on
>WorldConnect - entitled "Rosacker Roots in Schleswig-Holstein" -- has
>repeated duplicates Notes. See for example: Rosacker, Wulf. The Notes on
>Wulf are repeated four times. It may result from multiple exports and
>merges over many years, so there is no pristine backup somewhere. At this
>stage, can anyone suggest an easy way of getting rid of the duplicates?

As you have guessed, and others have confirmed, multiple NOTE tags in
your GEDCOM usually result from importing GEDCOMS which also have
notes. Each time a NOTE is imported, it is given its own NOTE tag
which then appears in any GEDCOM you export.

IMO, the easiest way to clean up is to export a COMPLETE GEDCOM of
your database. Be sure you do not clean the living or mark any tags
as not for export. You want a complete copy of everything you have
entered in your file.

Now open that GEDCOM file using Notepad or the equivalent and start
looking for duplicate NOTES. NOTE is a top level tag and will be
preceded by the number 1 in your GED. Additional lines in the same
NOTE will be preceded by 2 CONC or 2 CONT.

Identify the first (1 NOTE) line, and all secondary lines (beginning
with 2) for one note entry and delete them. Save.
Find the next duplicate and repeat.

Once you have deleted all or most of the extra copies of the notes --
you will probably miss a few the first time through -- Import that
GEDCOM into your genealogy program as a new database. Double check
to make sure everything looks as it should, then export a new GEDCOM
for upload to WC, using whatever filtering options you usually do
when uploading to WC. Check your display at WC. If you missed a few
of those pesky duplicate notes, repeat the process.

Pat Asher

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