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From: Angie Rorke <>
Subject: Re: [FreeHelp] I need help please
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 19:28:01 +1100
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Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone who has offered suggestions. I have been able to
access my page again and alter what I wanted to. God knows how, cos
I tried so many variations but one worked.

I just hope I can do it again when I need to add to it.

Thanks again

At 23/02/201201:16 AM, Pat Asher wrote:
>At 07:45 AM 2/22/2012, Angie Rorke wrote:
>>So I tried to alter my password, it accepted it but
>>when I go to sign in again and use the new password I still get the
>>same message.... ahhhhh this should be easy. Maybe its because I am
>>a new member and maybe it takes time for something their end.
>You can not change your Freepages account password. That has to be
>done by staff.
>If you did change a password, I'm guessing it was your RootsWeb
>MyAccount password which is not the same thing.
>Use the password from your Freepages Welcome letter to log in to
>your Freepages account.
>Pat Asher

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