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Subject: Re: [GASCREVE] John Martin & Mary EISCHPERGER/BERGER Griner
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 19:24:16 -0500
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Hi Folks,

And what Scottie hasn't mentioned is that he has a great file (it's a
great BIG -text- file) that connects John Martin Greiner & Mary
Eischperger's grandson William Jacob Griner and his wife Elizabeth
Spooner with so many people in the area of Screven and Effingham Counties.

Scottie and I share ancestry through William and Elizabeth.



>Bob and Lena,
> Here is what I have on the Riedelsperger family: Kikolaus
>Riedelsperger, b. 1688 in Kinden, Austria, d. 12 Nov 1736 in Ebenezer, Georgia, was the
>older brother of Adam Riedelsperger, b. 1701, d. 26 Dec 1737 (Ebenezer) and
>Anna "Maria" Riedelsperger Eischperger, b. 1710 in Lichtenstein-Salfeld,
>Austria, d. 30 Oct 1768 in Ebenzer, Georgia. Nikolaus was the father of Christian,
>b. 1715 and Stephan. Adam Riedelsperger married Barbara Rossbacher, and had
>1 known child: Johann Riedelsperger, b. 10 Aug 1736, d. Oct 1736. Maria
>married Ruprecht Eischperger (his real last name was "Eisen"perger, which was
>German for "Oak" Mountain, but his name became corrupted into "Eisch"perger,
>which stands for "Ice" Mountain. By the way, these names are spelled with a
>"P", but pronounced as a "B", hence the confusion sometimes on spelling.
>Ruprecht was born in Lindau, Austria, and died 13 Nov 1762. He and Maria are
>buried in the Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery near Ebenezer in Effingham County.
> In "Detailed Reports on the Salzburger Emigrants", Vol IX, p 92, Maria
>Eischperger is identified as Christian Riedelsperger's father's sister, and
>leaves her some horses, cows, pigs, and shirts. Her death is reflected in
>"Church Records of Old Ebenezer Church", p. 100 (aged 58). Ruprecht and Maria
>embarked from London on the "Prince of Wales", captained by George Dunbar as
>part of the 2d Salzburger transport. They arrived in Ebenezer on 28 Dec 1734.
>In "Reports on the Salzburger Emigrants", Bol VI, p. 27 by Urlsperger,
>Ruprecht and his wife, Maria, nee Riedelsperger, are mentioned. Christian
>Riedelsperger is also mentioned, but not as a kinsman of Maria. Here are the
>children of Maria and Ruprecht:
>1. Twin Daughters, b. 13 Mar 1735, d. 13 and 14 Dec 1735 respectively.
>3. Catharina Eischperger, b. 23 Sep 1736, d. 30 May 1747
> (Detailed Reports, Vol XI, p.64 & 73).
>4. Mary Eischperger, b. 15 Nov 1738, m. 24 May 1763 John Martin Greiner, b.
>1739, d.
> 1807, (son of Phillip Jacob Greiner).
>5. Johann Eischperger, b. 15 Nov 1738, d. 17 Nov 1738.
>6. Maria Eischperger, b. 1739, d. 1739 (Detail Reports, Vol VIII, p231)
>died at 2 days of age.
>7. Christian Thomas Eischperger, b. 17 Mar 1763, d. 18 Mar 1763.
>Children of Mary Eischperger and John Martin Greiner:
>1. Timotheus "Timothy" Greiner, b. 2 Feb 1765, d. circa 1865 in Texas,
>married Mary
> Brunson (daughter of Mary and John Brunson)
>2. John Jacob Greiner, b. 28 Jul 1766, m. Mahetta Bell
>3. Jonathan Greiner, b. 17 Dec 1768 m. 9 Sep 1809, Anna Nancy Kirby.
>4. Samuel Greiner, b. 18 FEb 1770 m. 1. Sarah, 2. Susannah Waters
>5. Salome Greiner, b. 8 Aug 1772
>6. Emanuel Greiner, b. 1773, m. Nancy Hancock.
> I descend from Mary Brunson and Timothy Greiner through William Jacob
>Greiner, two of his daughters, Jane Ann Catherine Griner Scott and Mary Ann
>Griner Scott, Winfield Scott (son of Lorenzo Dow Scott), Janie Scott (m. John
>Scott, the son of Mary Ann Griner and Hope Scott), Walter Dewey Scott, and my
>father, Donaldson Gray Scott. Hope that this helps. Please keep in touch.
>Happy hunting!
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