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Subject: JONES: 1790 reconstucted census
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 10:56:53 EDT

Hope the following data will be of help to researchers.

JONES from 1790 Reconstructed Georgia Census

BURKE COUNTY GA was created from St George Parish in 1777. 
A part of Burke Co was set off to Jefferson Co 1796, a part to Screven
Co 1798 and a part to Jenkins Co 1905.  The Burke County Courthouse
suffered three fires resulting in the loss of early records.  There are few
records prior to 1856.

Headright grants 1790 through 1795:
JONES, Batt; Elizabeth: John; William 

Tax-defaulters 1790 - 1793 Published in the Augusta Chronicle and
Gazette: JONES, Benjamin; David; John

Grand Juror list as published in the Georgia Gazette, Southern Centinel
and Universal Gazette, and the Augusta Chronicle and Gazetter
1790 - 1795: JONES, Batte; Thomas

Estate and Misc Legal notices as printed in the Georgia Gazette,
Southern Centinel and Universal Gazette, and the August Chronicle
and Gazette.  1790 - 1795: JONES, John

Telamon Cuyler Collection at Univ. of GA, Athens, GA
Commissions from the Governor 1790 Burke Co Militia:
JONES, Philip

Jurors: JONES, Batt

Petitions to the Governor 1789 - 1793: JONES, Batt; Francis;
Frederick; James; John; Thomas

CAMDEN COUNTY GA was formed in 1777 from Saint Mary and
Saint Thomas Parishes.  A part of Wayne Co was added in 1805.  A part
of Camden Co was set off to Wayne Co in 1808 and 1812 and a part to
Charlton Co in 1854.

Headrights and Bounty Grants 1790 - 1795: JONES, John

Estates and Misc Legal Advertising as printed in the Georgia Gazette,
Southern Centinel and Universal Gazette, and Augusta Chronicle and
Gazette 1790- 1795: JONES, Noble

Camden Co 1794 Tax List: JONES, John

From Vol III Joseph Habersham Collections, "Being the whole of the
inhabitants" presumably in the 1790s: JONES, John

CHATHAM COUNTY GA created February 5, 1777, from Creek
cession of May 20, 1733.  Chatham was an original Co previously
organized in 1758 as the Parishes of Christ Church and (a portion of)
St. Philip. 

Chatham Co Will Book A-B-C-D-E 1789 - 1791:
JONES, George; Noble W.; Seaborn; W.

Chatham Co Deed Books G-H-I-K 1789 - 1790 - 1791 (there is no book J):
Grantors; JONES, George 
Grantees; JONES, George; Noble W.
Witnesses to deeds and names in records other than deeds that were
recorded in these books: JONES, Benjamin; Mary; George;
Mary Gibbons; N.W. (Noble W.)

Legal Advertising appearing in the Georgia Gazette, August Chronicle &
Gazette, Southern Centinel & Univeral Gazette 1790 - 1795:
JONES, Noble W.

Governor & Council Minutes May 10, 1790 - Dec 16, 1790 Militia of
Chatham Co: JONES, James

Deaths from the Georgia Gazette 1790 - 1795: JONES, Mrs. Anne

1790 Tax Digest:  Earliest surviving tax digest of Chatham Co:
JONES, Charles; Edward; George; Henry B.; Henry C.; Inigo;
Noble; Noble W.; Obadiah; William

COLUMBIA COUNTY GA established from Richmond Co, a part
of Columbia Co was set off to Warren Co, 1793 and a part to McDuffie
Co in 1870.  Records of inhabitants of Columbia Co may be found in
Richmond Co prior to 1790.  Georgia's Quaker settlement at
Wrightsborough GA fell into Columbia Co when the county was taken
from Richmond Co.

Headrights and Bounty Grants 1790 - 1795: JONES, Thomas

Justices of Peach 1781 - 1792: JONES, Adam; Samuel

Militia officers Jan 1791 from Southern Centinel & Universal Gazette:
JONES, Thomas

Wills 1790 - 1793 from Will Book "A"
(SIC) JOHNS: Elizabeth; John
(Only three listings for JOHNS...could be mistake??)

Militia, Capt. Foster's Company, March 1793:
JONES, James; Joel; John; Thomas

Grand Jurors Feb 1793 thru Aug 1795 from the Southern Centinel &
Georgia Gazette: JONES, Adam; Richard

Legal notices 1794 - 1795 Southern Centinel & Universal Gazette &
Augusta Chronicle & Gazette:
(sic) JOHNS: Robert;  JONES, Thomas S.

Columbia Co Muster rolls 1793:
JONES, Harrison; Nimrod; Thomas; William

Names from Estate Records: JONES, H.

Names from Deeds 1790 - 1794:
JONES, Basil; Hezekiah; John; Thomas

EFFINGHAM COUNTY GA was created by the Act of Feb 5, 1777
from the two Colonial Parishes of St Matthew and St Philip, both organized
in 1758 from land acquired in 1733 from a Creek cession.  A part of
Effingham was included in Screven Co in 1793.

Headrights and Bounty Grants 1790 - 1795: 
JONES, Drury; Francis; Mathew

Miscellaneous legal notices appearing in 1790-1795 in Augusta Chronical
and Gazette, Georgia Gazette and The Southern Centinal and Universal
Gazette: JONES, Drury; John

Effingham Co Deed Book "A-B" 1789 - 1790:
Grantees: JONES, James
Witnesses and miscellaneous documents: JONES, Drury

ELBERT COUNTY GA created Dec 10, 1790 from Wilkes Co. 
In 1811 a part of this county went into making up Madison Co and
in 1853 a part into Hart Co.  There was actually no 1790 census of
Elbert as it was created after the 1790 enumeration.  These names
are included here however because they represent a large portion
of Wilkes Co as it stood prior to 1790.

Will Book "A" 1791 - 1795: JONES, Jesse

Deed Book "A" 1789 - 1792:
Grantors; JONES, Elizabeth; Isaac; John
Witnesses and other documents in Deed Book;
JONES, Abraham; Jesse; John

Deed Book "B" 1790 - 1792: JONES, Cartna; Nathan
Witnesses of others mentioned: JONES, Isaac; Janes (James?)

Tax defaulters 1793: JONES, James; Robert

Voters for delegates to Constitutional Convention 1795:
JONES, Allen; Thomas

Elbert Co Muster Roll 1793: JONES, Robert

FRANKLIN COUNTY GA an original county created February 23, 1784,
from land ceded by the Cherokees May 31, 1783, and the Creeks Nov 1, 1783. 
Land in Franklin Co was given as Bounty Grants to RW veterans.

Headrights and Bounty Grants 1790 - 1795:
JONES, Ambrose; Malachi; Thomas; William

Muster roll Oct 10, 1793 Capt. John Stoneveffer's Company:
JONES, John; Joseph

Muster roll Oct 25, 1793 Capt. Ben Easley's Company:
JONES, Thomas

Deed Book "C" 1786 - 1792 Deed Book "H" 1792 - 1793
Grantee: JONES,  Russell
Witnesses and those owning adjoining land:
JONES, Edward; Richard; William

Jury List 1790: JONES, Peter; William

Jury List 1791: JONES, William

GLYNN COUNTY GA created in 1777 from two of the former
Colonial Parishes, St Patrick and St David.

Glynn Co Tax Digest 1790 Lt Bradley's District: JONES,  James; John

Security & Appraisers of estates 1792 - 1795: JONES, Edward

Glynn Co Militia Aug 1783 - 1794: JONES, Joseph

GREENE COUNTY GA formed in 1786 from the original county of
Washington.  Parts of Greene County went into Hancock, Oconee,
Oglethorpe, Taliaferro, and Clarke Counties.

Mixed records of Wills, Appraisements & Administrator Bonds 1787 - 1796
Deceased: JONES, Hugh; Jacob; Nathan; William
Others named in these documents: JONES, Betty; Rachel; Sarah

Deed Book #1 (Old Books A&B) 1786 - 1790:
Grantors: JONES, Elizabeth; Nathan
Grantees: JONES, Nathan; Reuben

1789 Tax List: JONES, Hugh; N.; Reuben; William

Those who sustained damages from Indians Jan 1787 to July 1788:
JONES, Hugh; Jacob; William

LIBERTY COUNTY GA created in 1777 as an original county from
the three Parishes of St John, St James and St Andrew from land ceded
by the Creeks in 1733.  McIntosh County was formed from part of
Liberty in 1793.

Headrights and Bounty Grants 1790 - 1795: JONES, James

Deeds 1790 - 1795  (Witnesses and names in other documents):
JONES, William

From old newspapers - Augusta Chronical & Gazette, Southern Centinel &
Universal Gazette, Georgia Gazette 1790 - 1795: JONES, John; Mary

RICHMOND COUNTY GA an original county created in 1777 from
the Parish of St Paul which was previously organized in 1758 from the
Creek cession of 1733.

Headrights and Bounty Grants 1790 - 1795:
JONES, Henry; Mark; Robert (heirs of); Robert; Thomas

Land Court Held 1786 and 1787 Richmond County:
JONES, Henry; James; Mark; Seaborn; Thomas; William

Wills 1790 - 1793: JONES, Abraham; Hez.; Seaborn; William

Administrators and Guardians Bonds 1789 - 1790: JONES, Adam

Minutes of Inferior Court 1790: JONES, Abram; Lewellen

Militia Roll 1782: JONES, Robert

Deed Books "A-1" "A-2" & "B" 1789 1790:
Grantors: JONES, Henry; Jemima; Keziah; Robert; Seaborn; William
Grantees: JONES, Henry Jr.; James
Witnesses and other names appearing:
JONES, Ambrose; John; Lew; Robert

Names from old Georgia Newspapers 1790 - 1795: JONES, Hugh

WASHINGTON COUNTY GA an original county formed Feb 25, 1784
from lands of the Creek cession of 1783.  Fire destroyed all records in 1855.

Muster rolls 1793 Capt. McCavy's Company: JONES, Jonathan

Surveyors Records Books D-E 1789 - 1793: 
(sic) Joins, Edmond; JONES, Jesse (heirs of); John; Philip

WILKES COUNTY GA and original county created in 1777 from lands
ceded by the Cherokee and Creek Indians in 1773.  The lengthy remnants
of the 1785 and 1792 tax lists are not included in this volume as they have
been published several times.
(my note: for incredible Wilkes Co information

Headrights and Bounty Grants 1790 - 1795:
JONES, Edward; Henry; William

Other names in Wills 1790 - 1791:  Jains (Jones?), William

Other Names in Wills & Loose papers 1790 - 1795: JONES, Edward

Wilkes Co Militia 1793:  JONES, Adam; Benjamin; Gabriel

Tax defaulters: JONES, Gabriel

1783 Spanish East Florida Census (two Jones extractions)

JONES, Jacob Virginia carpenter
family consists of his woman and his son wishes to leave the country;
has two Negroes and inhabits a house and estate he purchased in
The Bluff.

JONES, Thomas Georgia Sail Master
married with wife and 2 children wishes to remain in the province
and desires to conform to the Catholic religion. He is a Master of the
Sails and lives in a rented house on the little Treasury Street.

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