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Subject: Re: ALLEN families of Burke Co., GA, early 1800s
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 11:24:30 EST

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<< There were many ALLEN families residing in Burke Co., GA during the
> early 1800s. Following are the ALLEN heads-of-household from the 1820
> census of Burke Co., GA:
> John ALLEN 20
> James ALLEN 6
> Robt. ALLEN 8
> A. M. ALLEN 10
> Charles ALLEN 16
> Sarah ALLEN 17
> Thomas ALLEN 22
> Hugh ALLEN 22
> James ALLEN 23
> Robt. ALLEN 39
> In the quest for my ancestor, John ALLEN, b. 1745/54, I am unable to
> identify with any of the above ALLENS.....can anyone else? >>

Let me try to tackle this query by posting what I "think" I know.

To begin with, there was a family of Allens aboard the ship "Hopewell" which
docked in Savannah around 1760, if I remember correctly. That family settled
in Burke County and there is at least one record in the Colonial archives
where the head of the family requests a grant of land. At the moment I cannot
find my record of this Allen's name. Sorry! The settlers on the Hopewell were
unusual in several ways. First, they paid their own way, meaning that they
were better off than most settlers. Second, they were, I'm told, almost all
literate. To me this means that they might be viewed as favorable prospects
for marriage by unconnected other settlers. Usually marriage occurred within
moving groups descending down the trails.

I have not been able to find the passenger list for the Hopewell and don't
know the names of the children of the Allens.

However, there is a James Allen, born in 1756 in Belfast, Ireland, who
resided at the "Old Sapp Place" on GA 22 near Waynesboro in Burke County.
Because of his date of birth, assuming it's accurate, he is a logical child
in the Allen family that came over on the Hopewell. James Allen died there on
2 March 1841. Without checking the census (which is hard to do in Savannah
where the local library is at war with the County Commission over funds and
is only open a few hours a week) for age, I don't know whether this James
Allen is the one on page 6 or on page 23 of the census, but I suspect he's
the one on page 6..

James Allen was a Revolutionary War veteran and a veteran of the Indian Wars.
He was married to Frances Simmons, born in 1775 in Virginia. I don't know her
ancestry. She died 4 May 1857 in Waynesboro in Burke County.

The couple had ten children:

1. James P. Allen (I believe he's the one on page 23). He was born about 1799
and married Mariah Mulkey, about whom I have no information. They had six
children: Moses Allen, Georgianna Allen, Rufus Allen, Emma (Emeline) J.
Allen, Julia Allen and Robert J. Allen. James P. Allen and his family moved
to Houston County between 1840 and 1850.

2. Jane Allen was born between 1790 and 1794. She married William E. Lassiter
in 1820 (in Burke County?) and died after 19 Aug 1851.

3. Hugh Allen (page 22) was born about 1797, probably in Burke County. He
served as clerk of court. He married three times, first to Elizabeth Royal,
in 1817, second to Phesaba (Pherapy) ?, and third to Mary Wiley on 17 April
1864. He moved to Houston County between 1840 and 1850 and died after 19 Aug
1851. His children were: Newton J. Allen, George W. Allen, Eugenia Allen,
James H. Allen, Cornelia F. Allen, and Valinda R. Allen.

4. Frances Allen was born in Burke County around 1800. She married Everette
Sapp in 1820 and died after 19 Auu 1851.

5. Mary Allen was born between 1804 and 1810 in Burke County. She married a
(?) Bell and remarried William Brantley before 1851. She was still alive on
19 Aug 1851.

6. Nancy "Ann" H. Allen ws born in Burke County between 1804 and 1810. She
married (?) Dunn and was still alive on 19 Aug 1851.

7. Lucretia Allen was born in Burke County in 1811. (There is a second
Lucretia Allen in northwest Georgia, with possible connections to Burke
County, but she appears to be the widow of an Allen since she is referred to
as "widow with husband now three years dead," when she drew lots in the 1832
gold lottery.) The Lucretia Allen who is the daughter of Jame Allen and
Frances Simmons married Thomas T. Ellison (son of Robert E. Elliston Jr.,
born in 1762 in Culpeper co., VA and dead near Sardis in Burke Couinty on 20
Nov 1836, and Elizabeth (Sarah?) Hargrave. The spelling of their last name
was sometimes Elliston and sometimes Ellison) Thomas Ellison and Lucretia
Allen's children were Sarah Rebecca Ellison (see comments below), Francis D.
Ellison, Caroline V. Ellison, two children who died at birth, Robert Isaiah
Ellison, James A. Ellison, Mariah Ellison, Jane E. Ellison and George T.
Ellison. Thomas and his wife moved to Floyd County.

Sarah Rebecca Ellison (see above), born in 1831 in Burke County, married John
Stephen Allen in Houston County on 29 May 1849. They moved to Ellaville,
Schley County, where she died in 1888. Their children were William Robert
Allen, George T. Allen, John Henry Allen, Nancy "Nannie" Augusta Allen,
Virginia "Jennie" Allen, Eliza Allen, Aurelius Cullen Allen, Robert "Bob" S.

Sarah Rebecca Ellison's husband John Stephen Allen, had been born in Burke
County in 1826. He died in Schley County in March 1883. He was the son of
Thomas Allen (on page 22 of the 1820 Burke County censu) and Dorothy "Dolly"
Murray. Thomas Allen had been born in 1801 in Georgia and died in Schley
County between 1860 and 1870. Dorothy "Dolly" Murray was born 12 Nov 1800 in
Burke County, the daughter of Stephen Murray, Sr. Stephen Murray's wife's
name is not known to me. Thomas Allen and Dorothy Murray's children were John
Stephen Murray (as already mentioned,) Martha Allen, Seaborn Allen, William
Allen, Lieutenant Augustus E. Allen, Henry H. Allen, Aurelius Allen and Mary
Jane Allen.

Stephen Murray, Sr. was born about 1748 in NC. He died after 1807 in Burke
County, GA. His children included Stephen Murray, Jr., Sarah, "Sally" Murray,
John Murray, David Murray, James Murray, who was married to a Martha Allen,
whom I suspect might be a sister of Thomas Allen (above,) Dorothy ""Dolly"
Murray (see above) and Mary "Polly" Murray.

8. Robert Allen was born in Burke County between 1810 and 1815. He was still
alive on 19 Aug 1851.

9. William Allen was born in Burke County between 1810 and 1815. He married
Sarah Alice Williams and was still alive on 19 Aug 1851.

10. Julia Allen was born in Burke County about 1820. She married William B.
Hawkinson before 1840 and was still alive on 19 Auigust 1851.

If I'm not mistaken, this leaves unaccounted for on the 1820 census: John
Allen on page 20, Robert Allen on page 8, A.M. Allen on page 10, Charles
Allen on page 16, Sarah Allen on page 17 and Robert Allen on page 39.

Further comments. Hugh Allen and Thomas Allen live next door to each other in
the 1820 and 1830 census. Both families move to Houston County, although from
that point forward their activities separate. Both are involved in the
establishment of schools and churches, but different ones. Thomas Allen moves
on to Schley County. All of this suggests kinshjp, but not that they are
brothers. A logical possibility is that they are first cousins, and that
Thomas is the son of a brother of James Allen.

One additional comment. The name "Lucretia:" is a Lanier family name and
points to a possible connection between Frances Simmons and a member of the
Lanier family.

I'm posting this in part as a response to the query on the Allens and in part
for feedback positive or negative. Lucretia Allen and Thomas Allen are my
son-in-law's ancestors.

Thor Egede-Nissen

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