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From: "Gil Allison" <>
Subject: [GADADE] 1863 Dade history
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 14:04:28 -0600

here is another clip from the old GA newspapers. hopefully some face will light up when they read their family name below....

just think what was going on in Dade and in the country in 1863, if I have my history correct ...... Grant defeated the Confederates in Mississippi and began to besiege Vicksburg from May 1 - 19, 1863. The battle of Gettysburg ended July 2 or 3 1863 and the battle of Vicksburg ended July 4, 1863. Chickamauga (in Dade County's back door) would be in September. So the guys wrote their letter to Tatum June 15, 1863 and it was published in this paper in July 1863. Wow ~ gives me goose bumps !

June 15, 1863 The following letter was written on this date and published Friday, July 3, 1863, in the newspaper, Southern Confederacy, Atlanta, GA, Vol III, No 122.

Dade County Ga, June 15, 1863

Hon. Robert H Tatum,

Sir: As the time is approaching for the election of Senator to represent the counties of Catoosa, Walker and Dade and not withstanding we are apprised of your expressed disinclination to continue longer to serve in the Legislature on account of your private relations, yet we avail ourselves of the privilege of every citizen to request that you will consent that your name be used as a candidate in this district at the next senatorial election for Senator. We feel that it is the duty of every citizen in times like these to render every service in his power to promote the best interest of his country. You have just closed the duties of four year’s service in the Representative branch of the Legislature. The general satisfaction you have given, and convinced as we are that experience is necessary to efficient legislation, and that for the first term a new member will scarcely learn the routine of business until the time for introducing business will have been passed. We are gratified to have arrived at a time when parties and party strife have no existence in Georgia, and the public interest is now the governing influence with all true and patriotic citizens. At the last election Dade presented no candidate, nor would we now desire she should, but we feel that in presenting your name whilst we entertain a high respect for the character and services of the present Senator, yet we feel well assured that you will sustain the best interest of the country; therefore we request that you will forego private considerations and permit your name to go before the district at the approaching election for Senator. Your obedient servants,

W H C McGuffy John L Morgan Z J Cross Lewis M Sammons John B Wilkinson

James H Quinton John Weddle C N Carmikeal W W Marshall Robert G Stoveall Hugh McKaig

B M Wood G L Williams James Craig John Hughes Sr M Nickolas

Binford Burnett Benjamin Brock Willis Bohaman Joel Cross H G Wilson

James H Jones E Snider James M Rendleman John Hughes Jr

B F Pace Asa Daniel Alfred Street D M Carroll Joseph Coleman

William Hughes P S Meadow William Ross Doctor Stephens Joseph Killion

Henry Jones Mark Castleberry William Wood James Oliver

John Allison William Gifford H L W Allison John O’Neal B M Wilkinson Sr

B M Wilkinson Jr

Robert H Tatum’s Reply:

Trenton, Ga, June 29, 1863

To Messrs. M. Nickolas, Benjamin Brock, Joel Cross, James H Jones, Dr James M Rendleman, B F Pace, Alfred Street and others,

Gentleman: Yours of the 15th instant is received. It is gratifying at all times to have the approbation of my fellow citizens as to the manner in which I have discharged my public duties. At the close of the last session of the Legislature the state of the health of my family and the absence of my sons in the army, who have also been in bad health, determined me to retire from public life and give my entire attention to my family and my private affairs. I agree with you that it is the duty of every man now to put forth his whole energy for the promotion of the best interest of the country. It is a source of gratification that the demon (hard to read that word, maybe deman for demand??) of party has ceased to distract the state of Georgia, and that we can cordially unite as one people and put forth our concentrated energies to sustain our cause in this terrible struggle for everything that is dear to man.

I have had repeated solicitations from my friends in other portions of the district requesting me to allow my name to go before the people of this district at the next senatorial election. Under all the circumstances, if my friends desire to present my name to the district as a candidate for Senator, they are at liberty to do so. For the kind manner in which you have been pleased to refer to my humble services you will please accept my grateful acknowledgements.

I am your ob’t serv’t,

Robert H Tatum

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