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Al, Do you know the parents of Sarah Phillips that Married Carter? Also
there are about 4 people on Ancestry working on this family. Are you a
member? Sandie

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Subject: [GAEFFINGHAM] Robert Henry Hughes b. 1700s Virginia d. aft 1806
in Effingham County, Georgia

This Hughes family was in Effingham County, Georgia in the late 1700s
early 1800s. They seem to have originated in Virginia and migrated
through South
Carolina into Georgia. I am directly related through the son, Carter
who lived in the lower portion of Bulloch County that was cut from
County. I would like to share and compare information about this
family. All
leads and information are welcome.

Alfred Chassereau

1806 -- Effingham County, Georgia - Robert H. Hughes deed to children:
Michael, Richardson, Robert Henry Utz, Mary Richardson Hughes, & Carter.

Land in Hanover County, Virginia, about seventeen miles from Richmond;
also 4,444
acres in South Carolina in Lawrence (Laurens ?) and Union Counties, on
and Dinkins Creek, adjoining lands of Dru Ross, Esqr., Montgomery and
Dileet and the widow Jones. The wife of Robert H. Hughes was Chloe.
lived in Effingham County in 1807 and was a fortunate drawer in the 1807
Lottery. He received land in Wilkinson County. (Reported in "Records
Effingham County, Georgia."
Descendants of Robert Henry Hughes

1 Robert Henry Hughes b: Hanover County, Virginia? d: Abt. 1807
Effingham/Bulloch County, Georgia
+Chloe (Chloie) Richardson b: Laurens County, South Carolina d:
Effingham/Bulloch County, Georgia
2 Bob Hughes
2 Michael Hughes
2 ??? Hughes
+Robert Henry Utz
2 Millender Carter Hughes b: Abt. 1804 Georgia? d: Aft. 1880
County, Georgia.
+Sarah Phillips b: Abt. 1807 d: Bet. 1870 - 1880 Bulloch
Georgia. m: Bef. 1829 Bulloch County, Georgia.
3 Ann Providence Hughes b: May 22, 1829 Bulloch County,
d: Bryan County, Georgia
+John Shem Butler b: September 16, 1815 Bryan County,
d: Bryan County, Georgia m: Bef. 1850 Father: William James Butler
Elizabeth (Betsy) Harn
3 Mary Ann Hughes, Twin b: March 18, 1831 Bulloch County,
Georgia d: Bet. 1880 - 1886 Bryan County, Georgia
+Elbert C. Sims, CSA b: Abt. 1830 Bryan County, Georgia
February 17, 1865 Point Lookout Prisoner of War Camp, Maryland m: Abt.
Bryan County, Georgia Father: Jacob Sims Mother: Martha Brown
*2nd Husband of Mary Ann Hughes, Twin:
+John Henry Vincent, Sr. b: Baltimore, Maryland d: Bef.
Bryan County, Georgia m: Abt. 1866 Bryan County, Georgia?
3 Elizabeth (Eliza) M. Hughes, Twin b: March 18, 1831
County, Georgia d: Bryan County, Georgia
+William Berrian Butler b: Abt. 1818 Bryan County,
Georgia d:
Bryan County, Georgia m: Abt. 1850 Father: James Butler Mother:
Elizabeth Hines
3 Sarah M. Hughes b: June 04, 1833 Bulloch County, Georgia

3 Belzora M. Hughes b: May 02, 1837 Bulloch County, Georgia

+Calvin Rushing b: Abt. 1818 Bulloch County, Georgia m:

March 16, 1854 Bulloch County, Georgia Father: William Rushing
Mother: Mary
Pollie (Burt) Bird
3 Olliff Hughes b: April 02, 1839 Bulloch County, Georgia

3 Israel C. Hughes b: February 04, 1841 Bulloch County,

3 John Hughes b: October 13, 1844 Bulloch County, Georgia

3 Ephram J. Hughes b: September 26, 1845 Bulloch County,
+Ann Caroline Shearhouse b: Abt. 1845 Bryan County,
m: January 17, 1867 Bryan County, Georgia
3 Ephronies Hughes b: September 26, 1846 Bulloch County,

3 James S. Hughes b: Abt. 1853 Bulloch County, Georgia

*2nd Wife of Millender Carter Hughes:
+Sarah Adaline Bacon b: March 08, 1834 Bryan County, Georgia
September 11, 1911 Bryan County, Georgia m: Aft. 1880 Father: Albert
G. Bacon,
Sr. Mother: Juliann E. (Julia) Waller
3 Elizabeth Hughes
3 Virginia (Jenny) Hughes
2 Richardson Hughes
2 Mary Richardson Hughes

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