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Subject: [GAEMANUE-L] Antioch Primitive Baptist Church
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>From The Banner-Herald Special Birdwood College Edition, History in Word and Picture of the Progressive Primitive Baptists, Issued May 1955:

Antioch Church Emanuel County

On December 10, 1842, the Antioch Primitive Baptist Church was constituted in Emanuel County, Georgia. The following were charter members: William Durden, Abner Sutton, Ebimeliege Sutton, Eleazer L. Cowart, Mary Durden, Mary Sutton, Phebe Durden, Sara Neal, William and Martha Pritchard. The log Cabin was used as the first church building. Eleazer L. Cowart, church clerk, made a record of the first meeting.
In 1843 the Church chose Abner Sutton as her first deacon and also represented in the association for the first time. Antioch has represented each consecutive year until now. It was not until December 1843 that a supply or a pastor was called--Elder John H. Cowart......
The church had four negro slaves as members: Peter Dekle, the first joined by letter June 1855. The other three were Larinia Dekle, Jeremiah Littlefield, and Delilah Dekle. These members were baptized and communed with the white.
During the confederate war the clerk and the deacons served the confederate forces of America. No Communion services were held in the absence of the deacon Dennis Durden......
In 1865 a committee was appointed to select a place and procure the land to build a new church house. The committee chose Brother William Coleman to build the church for the sum of $529. The cost of lumber $175 total cost $704. The committee met on July 3rd 1867 to receive the church building.
February 1877, the church at Antioch set apart Rowan W. Durden to the full functions of the gospel ministry. The presbytery consisted of Elders Moses Daniels and David J. Lamb. After the examination this presbytery proceeded with the ordination ceremony with the imposition of hands and prayer......
Pastors who served Antioch Church from December 10, 1842 to April 1954: Elder John Dowart 1843-1845; Elder Spencer Meeks 1845-1846; Elder Elisha Coleman 1846-1847; Elder Spencer Meeks 1847-1848; Elder Curtis Cobb 1848-1857; Elder Edward Rhiner 1857-1858; Elder Spencer Meeks 1858-1860; Elder S. Strange 1860-1864; Elder David Lamb 1864-1877; Elder R. W. Durden 1877-1887; Elder S. M. Anderson 1887-1892; Elder R. W. Durden 1892-1894; Elder Hudson Temples 1894-1904; Elder B. H. Pierson 1904-1907; Elder W. H. Crouse 1907-1909; Elder E. W. Powell 1909-1912; Elder A. V. Simms 1912-1913; Elder T. E. Sikes 1914-1914; Elder J. W. Hendricks 1914-1919; Elder R. H. Kennedy 1919-1920; Elder Jesse Johnston 1920-1921; Elder J. W. Hendricks 1921-1928; Elder R. H. Kennedy 1928-1951; Elder N. P. Vandiver 1951-1952; Elder C. E. Sanders 1952-1954. Supply pastors are being used at present.
Deacons of Antioch Church: Abner Sutton 1843-1860; James Martin 1884; B. G. Dicks 1860-1862; W. M. Lanier 1865-1881; R. W. Durden 1865-1877; A. B. Turner 1877-1904; D. J. Durden 1904-1921; A. L. Turner 1904-1931; W. S. Durden 1931-1941; B. E. Fordham 1931; H. B. Durden 1941-1952; George B. Durden, Jr., 1948; Claude Sutton 1948; The present church treasurer is Otto Woodruff.
Clerks of Antioch Church: E. L. Cowart 1843-1845; Dennis Durden 1845-1856; R. W. Durden 1856-1877; A. B. Turner 1877-1890; D. I. Durden 1890-1896;A. L. Turner 1896-1910; Matthew Farmer 1910-1920; B. E. Fordham 1920-1934; Mrs George B Durden, Jr. 1934-1954.
Committee on the preparation of this history: Mr., Mrs. B. E. Fordham and Mrs. George B. Durden, Jr.Get more from the Web. FREE MSN Explorer download :

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