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Subject: Re: [GAFORSYT] 1840 Census: Martin Families
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I have no idea where you got your numbers from but what I show and what
shows up in
""The Family History of Thomas Martin, Sr. A North Carolinian American
Revolutionary Soldier" by Jenny Martin Fagg Published by Arrow/Curtis
Printing Company Fort Worth, Texas, 1976

Jenny Martin Fagg
All Rights Reserved

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 75-32606

First Edition

Found on page 88 under the section titled Hicks Martin

1850 Forsyth County, Georgia Census
Page 204 Enumerator- Samuel Paxton Family 819 Date Census taken 4 October

Hix Martin 28 M Farmer $100 SC
Margaret (Casey) Martin 28 F SC
William H. Martin 6 M GA
Rhoda E. Martin 4 F GA
Frances M. Martin 3 F GA
James A. Martin 1 M GA

Thomas Martin, Jr., Hick's Father's will was probated in York District,
South Carolina on 6 August 1855 and Henderson Martin was appointed
Hicks and Margaret (Casey) Martin moved from Forsyth County to Cherokee
County, Georgia and then to Carroll County, Georgia. Valentine Martin (can
not prove the connection) sold Number 235 in the tenth district of Carroll
County to Hicks Martin on 15 August 1856. Hicks paid $300 for 101 1/4
acres. This is the original Martin home place next door to J. Roy Martin.

Then over on page 89 is a photo of Hicks Martin in his younger days.
Below that is thought to be a photo of Thomas Martin Jr. Hicks' Father.

Hicks Martin MG signed the marriage Licenses of my Father's Parents in
Carroll County GA as he married them there in Mt. Zion at the Methodist
Church that he helped to name when it was founded. This marriage took place
on Oct. 21, 1900.

Hicks and Margaret Martin also had Cordillia Martin who grew up and married
James Amos Entriken right there in Carroll County, GA. I also have the
Entriken Family History done by a cousin Philip Entriken and Can quote from
that if you'd like.

I also have Census Extract out of Atlanta Ga taken at the Atlanta GA
Archives M432-69 GA Forsyth Co. 31st. Dist. Samuel Paxton Oct. 4,

page 203 Dwelling # 819 Family #819
Hix Martin 28 m farmer 100 SC
Margaret 28 f SC can not read or write
(Casey b. 1822 in SC)
William H. 6 m GA
Rhoda C. 4 F GA
Frances M 3 F GA
James A. 1 M GA

I joined the DAR under Thomas Martin My National Number is #794476

My Cert. that hangs on my wall was also approved by Barbara Tucker Harrall
the Reg. Gen. of the DAR and my Cousins who also joined under Thomas Martin.

Any questions left? I would be more than willing to copy, photograph and
mail any thing that may prove helpful to you in your own research.

Best of luck,
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> Gail,
> I will not deny that I can make a typo or a misreading.
> Re:
> Isaac Casey is a Casey not a Martin.
> If you have Hix Martin on the 1840 Census as taken from Microcopy No. 704
> Roll 41 I would be glad to know what page he is on.
> Hix Martin on the 1850 census is 28 so in 1840 he would have been 18.
> There are about 12 Martin males in that age bracket on the Forsyth 1840.
> He did not marry until 1844 so he might not show as a head of household in
> 1840, if he had made it to Forsyth by then.
> Of course both the men appear on the 1850 Census #817 and #819
> Donna Parrish
> Census Indexes of Forsyth County Georgia 1834 - 1900
> Copyright 1981
> In a message dated 11/11/02 5:04:21 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> writes:
> > So where did Hix Martin and Isaac Casey go?
> > They don't appear on this version of this census at all.
> > And I do have them stright out of the Atlanta Archives.
> > Or did they get missed as a typo..............that has to be it.
> > Gail
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