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From: "Jeanne Arguelles" <>
Subject: Re: [BY-LAWS] Membership
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 00:13:33 -0500
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That sounds great, Jacki. I agree about the term "Co-Coordinator" being
unnecessary (and potentially confusing). A coordinator is a coordinator,
regardless of whether he/she is working with someone else.

Just to clarify... am I right in thinking that the section on Membership
will include:

-- Who is a member (coordinators)
-- How one becomes a member (?)
-- Limit on # of coordinators per site (idea 3 -or- idea 2)
-- Limit on # of sites an individual can coordinate (three)
-- Voting issues (one vote per coordinator; residency requirement)
-- Loss of membership (?)

If so, it looks like this section may be nearing completion!


> Hi y'all.
> Idea 3 got 17 out of 34 votes while idea 2 got 8. We haven't gotten any
> more responses so after talking with Vivian today, for the time being
> go with idea 3 and a combination of the writeups from Jeanne and Barbara.
> How's this?
> ~~~~~~~~~~~
> Membership in The GAGenWeb Project is granted to Coordinators of Counties
> and/or Special Projects. Each County or Special Project shall have no more
> than two (2) Coordinators. A person may be a Coordinator for no more than
> three (3) sites. A County or Special Project Coordinator may appoint
> additional assistants if desired.
> Each County or Special Project Coordinator shall have one vote in GAGenWeb
> elections, regardless of the number of counties or special projects they
> coordinate. Assistants appointed by a Coordinator are not considered
> members and thus shall not vote in GAGenWeb elections.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~
> Note: In the past we've used the title "Co-Coordinator" for those people
> where two people are coordinating a county. I would suggest that we
> that title and simply call both of them Coordinators. Both would be
> appointed by the SC.
> Jacki

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