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Subject: [GAGWINNE-L] Suwanee Baptist Church
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This is the next installment for the minutes of Suwanee Baptist

11 nov 1843 RE Rebeca Tinney and Mary Elizabeth Kent. RL Brother
Barnet Jones

at a night meeting at Mr. Kinchen Kings RE March Driskel LD
Hesteran Fisk, Howel Mangum and his wife Jane

13 dec 1843 RE Sarah Sexton also Mary a colerd woman belonging to
Jesse Chambers

13 jan 1844 Mentioned Lewis Coffey and David B. Driskel

10 feb 1844 mentioned Lewis Coffey, D.B. Driskel, Jesse Chambers, Isaac
Tinney, Samuel Borns

9 mar 1844 Mentioned Jesse A. Chambers

11 may 1844 Mentioned D.B. Driskel, Charles W. Christen

13 july 1844 LD Sisters Nancy Lam and Gadsy Driskel Mentioned Mr. D.B.
Driskel, William Coffey, Jesse Chambers and Isaac Tinney

10 aug 1844 RL Howel Mangum and Jane his wife Mentioned John Dudley,
William Coffey, Samuel Borns, Isaac Tinney and Edward Doss LD Elizabeth
Hays and Mark Driskel

9 nov 1844 LD Saley Driskel

8 dec 1844 LD Barnet Jones

8 mar 1845 Mentioned J.H. Chambers

12 july 1845 mentioned Isaac Tinney, Jesse Chambers, Edward Doss, William
Coffey, Samuel Borns

10 oct 1845 mentioned Mr. Driskel, Lewis Coffey, Isaac Tinney, Sisters
Raylor and Catherine Dudley

13 dec 1845 RE Christopher Hutchins

july the 18th 1846 mentioned William Coffey, Samuel Borns, Isaac

aug the 8th 1846 mentioned William Coffey, Samuel Borns, Isaac Tinney

25th aug 1846 Mentioned Silas King and Richard Brooks

26 aug 1846 RE John A. Borns

27 aug 1846 mentioned ____Brown

28 aug 1846 RL Samuel Young, George W. Hay, Elizabeth A. Callahan,
Elizabeth Young, and Emma Young. Mentioned Brother Brown and Richard

12 sept 1846 LD Christopher Hutchins mentioned Silas King and Richard

13 feb 1847 LD Elizabeth Callahan

10 apr 1847 mentioned Mary Durham

8 may 1847 RL Christopher Hutchens LD Brother Will a colerd man
belong to Robert Montgomery

12 june 1847 mentioned Isaac Tinney, William Coffey and Samuel Bournes

10 july 1847 mentioned Elizabeth Young

6 aug 1847 mentioned William Coffey, Isaac Tinney, Samuel Borns, Brother
Bals of Shole Creek, Brother Richard Willson of Flat Creek Church

Sunday 12 sept 1847 RL Caty Hay RE Nancy Colwell
At night RE William W. Letch, William Tinney, John Peters

Mon 13 sept 1847 RE Poley Magaw, Carline Rite

25 sept 1847 RE Lucindy Borns, Jefferson Doss, also a woman of coller
named Mima belong to George Brogdon

26 sept 1847 RE Liza Durham, Washington Driskel and Samuel Mangum

Association meeting at Sawana Oct 9-11 1847 Names of persons called
during the meeting; Anderson a man of coller belong to John Bourns,
jerusa Carline Young, Lovina Right, Elizabeth Bonds, Joseph a man of
coller belong to George Brogdon, On the 10th--Sarah Young, Clabon a
man of coler belong to Edward Doss, Maude Young, Willies a man of
coller belong to Lewis Coffey, Lovina a woman of coler belong to
George Brogdon.. On the 11th Elender Davis, Milla Jones, Bedy Grac,
Elizabeth Taylour, Milla Driskel, John Magraw , James Armstrong, Martha
Capps, Liza T. Borns, Julian Hay, Samuel Hay

13 nov 1847 RL Barnet Jones LD Christopher Hutchens

11 dec 1847 RE Peggy Caps

12 dec 1847 RL Brother C.M. Lindsey( an ordained preacher) also his wife
Lucy RE a woman of coler belonging to George Brogdon by the name
of Margaret

13 dec 1847 RE Nathan Smith and his wife Elizabeth, Harriett Baly
Green Bornes

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