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>This was sent to me by;
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Thought I'd pass it on.
>This information compiled circa 1935.
> Begins in the 5th Century for the early history of the GAINES family as
>given here: We are indebted chiefly to Major Richard V. GAINES of
>Mossingford, VA., who devoted many years to the study of this family, and
>traced it through an unbroken line to Brychan, who was King of Wales early in
>the 5th century and reigned until his death in 450.
>His lineage gave to Wales some of the foremost men in her annals, and the
>history of Wales in a large measure the record of achievement of his
>descendants, a few of whom were Beli the Great, Emporer of Great Britain,
>Cadwalder, great grandson of Beli, St David, patron Saint of Wales, and
>Roderick the Great, from whom descends King George the 5th of England, Howell
>the Good, who prepared the first system of Civil Law which was put in
>operation in the territory that now embraces the British Realm.
> From Howell a line is traced to Ervin Sais ,who lived in England and
>inherited the estate and castle of Ervin Sais. His son, Howell, and his son,
>Howell the father and Roger Griffith-Richard, later known as David GAIN, a
>conspicuous and potential personage in Wales in the early part of the 15th
>century, a man of courage and judgement, a dauntless spirit and soldierly
>tact. By his daring on the field of Agincourt (1415) he saved the life of King
>Henry the 5th but was himself mortally wounded. He was knighted by the king
>before he died- he was knighted Sir David GAIN (later GAINES) and here we find
>the origin of the name GAINES.
> Thomas Jones, an eminent genealogist in 1599 makes an important
>South Wales are descendant , and most of all the nobility of England.
> William HERBERT and East of Pembroke were great grandsons of Gladis,
>daughter of Sir David GAIN (later GAINES). They were friends and patrons of
>The HERBERTS took an active part in the early settlement of America, and were
>members of the Virginia Company organized by Sir Walter Raleigh.
>Morgan, the eldest son if David GAIN (now GAINES) was great great grandfather
>of Sir John GAINES of Newton County, Wales, from whom the GAINES family of
>Virginia is believed to have descended.
>I will leave out several pages, you don't really need them,
>(lived about 1625)
> James Strother GAINES son of Sir John GAINES married Judith Easly of
>Virginia; had a large family, lived in VA and TN.
>George Woodson GAINES, one of the sons of James Strother GAINES, married his
>cousin Letitia Dalton MOORE; had 12 children.
>Wm. GAINES married his cousin, Helen Toulmin of Toulminville, White County,
>4 of the brothers came to Mobile Ala., Wm. and Franklin lived married and died
>Clark went to Florida, Phillip lived several years in Choktaw county Alabama,
>then moved to Mobile, Ala, where he died in in 1855.
>Helen and Wm. GAINES had 2 children:
>Edmund Pendleton GAINES and Helen GAINES. Edmund was a doctor and married his
>cousin, Mary Toulmin; had 2 children; his daughter died young, left 4 sons,
>one daughter, who is a widow, lives in Memphis, TN., her name is Mrs. Amanda
>Semmes Findley, has I think, 3 children, only 2 sons living.
>Dr. Marion Toulmin GAINES, (his grandfather adopted him and his brother by his
>daughters first marriage and gave them his name GAINES.), The eldest died I
>guess 10 years ago.
>Her 2nd husband was Judge Oliver Semmes, son of Admiral Semmes of Confederate
>fame. She left 2 sons; Oliver marrie, has a family, twin daughters, both
>married. The youngest son, Dr. Raphael SEMMES died sveral years ago; left 1
>Franklin GAINES married Miss Mary HENRY of Mobile, they left one daughter,
>Ellen GAINES. She married Thomas St. John. He lived in Mobile I think, came
>from VA. They had 4 sons and 2 daughters, only one son living and the youngest
>daughter lives in Mobile. Mrs. Grace St. John McMahon has a son and daughter.
>The son is not married, the daughter Ellen, married the son of episcopal
>Bishop Beckworth of Atlanta GA.
>Clark GAINES who went to Florida, married, had a large family I heard, but not
>a name.
>Dr. Marion Toulmin GAINES, Dr. E.P. GAINES, adopted son, his grandson, married
>a Miss HENRY, a Mobilian, lives in Toulminville, a suburb of Mobile; has a son
>and daughter, both married. Some of the daughters of this family came between
>the brothers but I do not know where. A number of the Morisettes live in
>Movile, some in Monroe, ALA. Susan was the eldest, married a Dr. Jackson,
>went to Texas, never came to Alabama. Fannie Pendleton GAINES married a Mr.
>Morisette; lived all their married life at Bell's Landing on the Alabama River
>8 miles below Lower Peach Tree, Wilcox County Alabama. They had 2 daughters, 4
>sons, all dead but,
> Francis Strother Morisette, married a Miss King of Wilcox County, AL. had
>several children,
>and Dr. Edmund Pendleton Morissette, his wife and all but one child is dead.
>He lives on the Alabama River near their Alabama home. he was a staunch member
>of the Presbyterian church; he was quite sick I saw by Wilcox County's paper
>last week. Mrs Fannie Pendleton Morisette was a very honorable christian
>woman, I knew her well.
>Sallie GAINES married her cousin, the Reverand Samuel GAINES, a methodist
>minister. He died suddenly in the pulpit while preaching in Corinth, MISS.,
>where he was pastor.
>Ex Senator, John Wesley GAINES is the son, I feel sure, living in Nashville,
>TN, and Dr. GAINES , son od John Wesley GAINES, P.P.GAINES, born in 1811.
>Phillip Pendleton GAINES married Miss Lucy Ann GREGG, his 2nd cousin. They had
>only 3 children, 1 son and 2 daughters, to live to be grown and married. The
>eldest, Sarah Jane married a Mr. POWE; her one son, Edgar Lee POWE, living in
>Marl Sand, FLA., married , had one child, a girl.
>Robert Henry GREGG GAINES went through the Civil War; fought in VA, was
>corporal of his company, as the 7th flag bearer was shot and fell, RHG GAINES
>grabbed the flag, as not to allow it to fall; Then he was in General Pettis of
>Selma, AL division and at the Battle of Baker's creek , near Vicksburg,Miss.,
>the Confederates were retreating. R.H.G. GAINES was behind; came up to one of
>the batteries he had been with, and did such good work the Yankees thought the
>Confederates had been reinforced and retreated. After the war R.H.G. GAINES
>was in Vichsburg Miss - went out to the soldiers rest; met the keeper, had a
>chat about that battle, and the keeper of the federal cemetery told R.F.G.
>GAINES he ehad 85 of his men killed in that retreat.
>R.H.G. GAINES married just after he came home from the Civil war, married Miss
>Ophelia HESTLY of Wilcox County, AL. They had 8 children, 4 sons, 4
>daughters, all married and living, most of them in LA., 2 sons in Rayville,
>LA. in business, eldest in the Prsbyterian church 7 miles from Rayville, one,
>Henry GAINES, in I think Ockmulga, Okla. One daughter in Texas, one near
>Rayville, 2 in North Alabama.
>Mr. and Mrs. GAINES both dead, him 3 years ago, his wife last year. Lucy Ann,
>their youngest daughter married a Mr. Stokes. They have 5 children living, 3
>boys, 2 girla, all married. All live in Wilcox County exceot one. She lives in
>Meridian, Miss., and the eldest is wife of the Paster of the 2nd Presbyterian
>Church in Meridian, have 5 children. Mr Stokes died a long time ago. Mrs. Lucy
>Ann Stokes, his wife died 3 or 4 years ago.
> We go back to George Woodson GAINES, eldest son of James Strother
>GAINES and JUdith EASLY GAINES, married Sarah RHEA, had 4 sons - Wm. Strother
>Robert James, Augusta Pendleton, Elizabeth McQuin and John Rhea GAINES, who
>married 3 times, 1st Sarah RICE, 2nd Elizabeth BLAIR, 3rd Harriet CRAIG,
> by the first wife he had a son Dr. Francis Henry GAINES, founder and
>President of Agnes Scott College in GA. He married Miss Mary Lou LEWIS, and
>their son, Dr. Lewis GAINES of Atlanta, GA. and Dr. Wm. Strother GAINES of
>Spokane Washington, who married Laura BROWN.
>Remember this belongs to James Strother GAINES Family.
>The President of Agnes Scott College died last spring, I think he was one of
>our family, I think a grandson of Dr. Francis Henry GAINES.
> Benjamin James Madison GAINES, the youngest son of James Strother
>GAINES and Judith EARLY, moved to Choctaw County Alabam when a young man,
>married Miss Susan Inge, in Green County, Alabama, a relative. They moved to
>Fort Smith Arkansas, raised a large family, Mr. and Mrs. GAINES have been dead
>many years; they had quite a large family livng in AR. and some other states.
> Phillip Pendleton GAINES and his wife Miss Rebecca PIPPIN of Choctaw
>Co., Ala. Phillip Pendleton GAINES was born Dec. 4th 1811 in Granger County,
>East TN. Miss Rebecca PIPPIN was born Norht Carolin, NOv. 11, 1824, living in
>Choctaw Alabama. Phillip and Rebecca were married May 22, 1845 in Choctaw
>County, AL, moved to Mobile in 1851. Phillip Pendleton GAINES died Oct. 17,
>1856 of Yellow fever; left his wife with 5 small girls. She went back to
>Choctaw County on her plantation and raised her family of girls. Mrs Rebecca
>PIPPIN GAINES died Feb. 5, 1918 in her 94th year at her youngest daughter's ,
>Mrs. Charles B. MOODY in Meridian , Miss..
>Their eldest child (Mr. and Mrs. PP GAINES) Caroline Virginia GAINES AUSTIN.
>born in Choctaw County , AL., July 11, 1846, married Wm. Smith Richard AUSTIN
>, of Mobile, AL, Jan., in Clarke Co., Miss., went to live in Mobile, AL.,
>still our home. First child died age 4 months.

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