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Subject: [GAINES] Re: Heirom Gaines info
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 14:50:22 EDT

It is believed that the Heirom Gaines who was credited with patriot service
and for whom a chapter of the DAR is named is not the right Heirom Gaines. I
think it was the father whose wife was Margaret Taliaferro who performed the
A reconstructed timeline shows the Heirom who married Ann Thompson Adams was
too young to have been the same Heirom Gaines who took the loyalty oath in
1779 in Albemarle County. It was more than likely his father, Heirom.

Heirom Gaines, Sr. and wife Margaret Taliaferro had the following children:

Ann P[ittman] Gaines, who married David Nimmo perhaps as early as 1765. This
is based on the ages of their children. There are letters preserved in the
William Terrell Lewis papers at the Alabama Department of History and
Archives in Montgomery, Alabama that relate to the Nimmo family.

" Martha Gaines who married Henry Harper by 1775. There is a full list of
names and dates for the children of this couple. A bible record did exist at
one time and the information tracks back to a descendant of Lendsey Harper
who purchased it at the estate sale of his father in 1819.

" Humphrey Gaines who married Martha Bowen [The Douglas Register]

" Richard Gaines who married Ann Garth by 1782.

" Francis Gaines born 1759 [according to field stone grave maker] married
Judy Lively first son born Robert Taliaferro born 25 December 1781.

" William Gaines married Milly Banks in 1785, Fluvanna County, VA and
moved to Elbert County, Georgia where he is identified as Heirom's son in a
deed recorded Deed Book J p. 188. [19 October 1805]

" Henry Gaines who married Martha White DOB for first child said to be
circa 1790.

" Heirom Gaines who married Ann Thompson Adams 2 October 1792.

With the exception of Henry and Martha (White) Gaines, there is a full list
of the grandchildren of Heirom Gaines and wife Margaret Taliaferro.


1. 29 February 1747/8 Survey ordered for David Willis 125a on South Branch
of Buck Island Creek by Thomas Turpin transferred to Herum Gaines

2. 23 December 1747/8 Hierom Gaines Witnessed deed between Edwin Hickman and
Thomas Graves and John and Benjamin Clerk…

3. 14 May 1751 Deed between Thomas Smith and Hierom Gaines for 40£ cmv parcel
of land… North side of Rivanna River containing by patent, 287 acres being in
the county of Goochland now Albemarle…

4. 11 February 1752 witnessed deed between John Heard and Charles Lambert

5. 4May 1752 Birth of Richard Gaines son of Heirom Gaines and Margaret
[Peggy] Taliaferro

6. 1757 Birth of William Gaines son of Heirom and Margaret Taliaferro Gaines

7. 3 May 1758 339 acres on South branch of Buck Island Creek on south side of
Rivanna River by Thomas Jefferson .

8. 1759 Birth of Francis Gaines based on field stone making his grave in
Elbert County, Georgia

9. 21 April 1774 Hioram Gaines 265 ac April 21 1774 on both side of Camp
branch and a branch of Jones's creek; by A. S. Bryan

10. 13 October 1774 Herron Gains of Albemarle…James Stephens…Herrorom Gains
and Peggy [her mark] Gains So Peggy [Margaret Taliaferro] was living in
October 1774 making it possible for the couple to have children up until that

11. 17 June 1775 Her. Gaines appears on the list of volunteers present at

12. 26 August 1776 Birth of Ann (Nancy) Harper to Martha Gaines and Henry
Harper. [Nancy married William Old 23 December 1794 in Albemarle County,

13. 9 November 1776 Hierom Gaines signed a Dissenters Petition from
Albemarle, Amherst and Buckingham Counties.

14. 21 April 1779 Herom Gaines, Richard Gaines, David Nemo appear on list of
signers of the Oath of Allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia [David Nemo
[sic] married Heiroms Daughter Ann P[ittman] Gaines] Richard was born in

15. 18 February 1779 Humphrey Gaines married Martha Bowles [recorded in the
Douglas Register].

16. 31 August 1781 Humphrey Gaines purchased land from John Sorrels of
Amherst. This was witnessed by Richard Gaines and David Nemmo.

17. 25 December 1781 birth of Robert Taliaferro Gaines son of Francis Gaines
and Judy his wife, dating Francis' marriage to 1780 or before. [Note Judy
is said to be nee Lively] This information comes from Francis Gaines of
Albemarle County, Virginia and Elbert Co. GA. By Thomas R. Gaines. [Copy in
collection at NSDAR Library]

18. 15 February 1782 William Gaines purchased land from Thomas Cawthan. This
was witnessed by Hierom Gaines and David Nemmo and Robert Wright.

19. 13 February 1783 Deed of a slave from Thomas Garth to daughter Ann
Gaines. Therefore Ann was married to Richard Gaines by that date. Richard g
ave his birth date as 1752 in his pension application where he also stated
his father carried the family record to Georgia.

20. 10 January 1785 William Gaines married Milly Banks in Fluvanna County,

21. 8 December 1785 Deed William Gaines of Albemarle sold Hierom Gaines for
70£ cmv sold land…This was witnessed by Humphry Gaines, David Nemmo and
Hierom Gaines [This marks the first time there were two Heirom Gaines in the
records]. Below is written At a court held for Albemarle County the 14th of
Dec 1786 This Indenture &c was proved by the Oaths of Humphry Gaines, David
Nemmo and Hierom Gaines, Junr, witness thereto and ordered to be recorded.
William was married that year in Fluvanna County to Mildred Banks.

22. 1787 On a list of insolvent tax payers for Albemarle was noted the
following: Hyrom Gains, GA; Henry Gains, GA; Francis Gaines, GA

23. 26 September 1792 Heirom Gaines Jr. took out marriage bond Ann Thompson
in Fluvanna County, VA The bible record of the family that is in the NSDAR
Library, states the couple married 2 October 1792. This is certainly
compatible with the marriage bond date of 26 September.

24. 23 December 1794 marriage of Ann [Nancy] Harper daughter of Martha Gaines
and Henry Harper to William Old recorded in Albemarle County, Virginia.
Nancy's parents went to Elbert County, Georgia with Heirom and for a time
lived there. Eventually that family crossed back into Abbeville, South
Carolina where Henry died in 1819.

25. 7 June 1794 birth of Thompson Taliaferro to Heirom and Ann Thompson
(Adams) Gaines.

26. 19 October 1794 Hezekiah Bailie to William Gaines 250 acres on Cold Water

27. 7 March 1796 marriage of Robert Taliaferro Nimmo, son of Ann P. a
daughter of Heirom and Margaret Taliaferro to Martha Austin in Albemarle

28. 27 May 1797 Heirom Gaines, Jr. of Fluvanna County, VA purchased land on
Coldwater Creek in Elbert County, Georgia. [Deed Book D p. 63]

29. 6 May 1803 Hirom Gains for Natural love & affection to my son, Henry
Gains, & for $1 both of sd. co., give a negro boy named Chesher…

30. 31 October 1805 Hirom Gaines, Senr. For goodwill & affection I bear to my
son William Gaines both of Elbert County …lot in Baldwin Co., Ga. This record
shows William Gaines who stated when he filed for a pension based on his
Revolutionary war service, that he was born 1759 in Albemarle Co.. identified
as the son of Heirom Gaines, Sr. both establishing the relationship and that
Heirom the father was still living in 1805.

31. 1806 Land Lottery Elbert County, Georgia Francis, Henry, Hiram, Sr.
Hiram, Jr. Taliaferro, William

NOTE: This marks the last appearance of Heirom Sr. in the records.

32. 15 March 1815 Heirome Gaines [Jr.] signed his will. In it he named his
wife Anne Thompson Gaines, and sons William Shanklin Gaines and James H.
Gaines, daughters Margaret C. Gaines, Jensy Gaines. His will was presented
for probate 1 May 1815.

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