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From: Brenda Gaines <>
Subject: [GAINES] Ludwell Graham Gaines
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 20:19:54 -0800


I got this note from Ludwell Graham Gaines and I'm passing it on- If
you would reply to Graham and cc the list it would be great-B

Thank you for your posting/ reply.
I have a detailed genealogy/history
of Ludwell Graham Gaines and his descendents. I am his name sake Ludwell
Graham Gaines IV. We have (like others) run into a dead end trying to
find the parents or brothers/sisters of him. We have recently learned of
a Theophilus Gaines from Culpeper Co., Virginia (the supposed birth
place of L.G. Gaines) in the late 1700's/ early 1800's census. The exact
information eludes me at this time as it is on my other computer. L.G.
Gaines did name a son Theophilus, so it seems likely there is a tie of
some kind. Most recently we found, a Theophilus Gaines appeared in the
1820 census in Waynesboro, Burke County, GA. with a wife and family. In
addition, there are military records (I have requested them formally)
for a Theophilus Gaines in the war of 1812 entering as a private and
exiting as a private. L.G. Gaines was also to have attended University
of North Carolina and that is evidence of having moved around the south.
Clearly, information on the Theophilus from Culpeper County seems most
relevant. It is also highly likely that L.G. Gaines' spiritual leanings
would have led to a desired secrecy as to his parents. Undoubtedly, his
history of having inherited ( and also having sold )a farm in Virginia
with slaves, combined with the Presbyterian ministries harsh view on
slavery may well have led to L.G. Gaines having fundamental differences
with his parents and as a result wanting/needing to keep his family
background private. Obviously, there is lots of confusion and conjecture
in this. Our family's desire is to find out who Ludwell Graham Gaines'
parents are. I'm happy to share the Gaines tree we have accumulated. I
hope someone has the needed path/information to help!!!
Sincerely, LGG IV

Thanks for your help.....I'm new to all of this and appreciate your

L. Graham Gaines IV
National Mutlimedia Marketing, Inc.
24422 Avenida de la Carlota, Suite 490
Laguna Hills, California 92653

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