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Will the Bennett Joiner son of Jesse Joiner please identify yourself. Below is a will of Bennett Joiner of Sumter County, Georgia. I got a copy of the will from the Sumter County court house and sent it to Helen Sharpe. She transcribed the will and added several notes and sent it back to me. From deed records in Houston County, Bennett Joiner moved from Laurens County to Houston County and from Houston to Dooly County. To confirm this, deed records in Laurens County dated 01-12-1831 Key#34 pg#16 "Joiner, of Dooly County, sold to Murrel Finny of Laurens County, 12t Land District, Land Lot #311, #339, #341, and #341. $150.00. Witnesses Charles S. Guyton and Justice of Inferior Court Neill Munroe." [this is from abstract of deed records of Laurens County I found in Washington Library in Macon, Georgia.] At the time of Bennett Joiner's death in Sumter County he was married to Charity Swearingen. It is certain Bennett Joiner was married earlier because of the differnce in !
age of his older children John Andrew and James Madison and Georgia Ann and their younger siblings. What is unknown is who his parrents were and who he was married to earlier. The 1850 census says he was born in Georgia and 46 years of age. I have yet to establish when he moved from Dooly County to Sumter County from deed records. Records in Dooly County were lost when the Court House burned in 1845. Perhaps I can find deed records in Sumter County. In Helen's listing below she spells "Joiner" as "Joyner". The Joiner's from Bennett Joiner forward used the Joiner spelling. The 1930 census shows a Bennett Joiner in Houston County and a Bennet Joyner in Laurens County.

Birth: abt 1804, Georgia
Death: 1852, Sumter Co., Ga.

Notes by Helen Sharpe

1830 Houston County Ga. Census Page 281
Bennett Joiner
2 males 0-5 (1825-1830)
1 male 20-30 (1800-1810)
1 female 0-5 (1825-1830)
1 female 20-30 (1800-1810)
This would indicate that Bennett married around 1825 and had 2 sons and 1 daughter.
I belive that this would could him the Bennett married to Sarah Smith on 12-10-1824 in Lauren Co. Georgia.

1840 Sumter Co. Georgia Census - page 182
Bennett Joiner
2 males 10-15 (1825-1830)
1 male 30-40 (1800-1810)
2 females under 5 (1835-1840)
1 female 5-10 (1830-1835)
1 female 20-30 (1810-1820)
This would indicate that Bennett has remarried and now has 2 daughters born between 1835 and 1840)

1850 Sumter Co., Ga. Census District 26 Page 210
Bennett Joiner 46 farmer born in Georgia
Charity 33 born in North carolina
Madison 23 born in Georgia
Samathia 15 born in Georgia
Mary 13 born in Georgia
Bethena 10 born in Georgia
Lelitia 11 born in Georgia
Bennett 4 twin born in Georgia
Sarah 4 twin born in Georgia
Elmira 2/12 born in Georgia

Bennett dies after this census. Charity appears to be in the household of S. W. Pennington 27 in the 1860 census. James Madison is in Dooly County along with his wife and the twins Bennett and Sarah, his brother and sister. Samatha is also in Dooly Co. with her husband T. L. Smith.

Houston Count, Georgia Deed Book "F" 1834-1836
Dooly County, Georgia 2-16-1831 Deed Pg. 578
Grantor: William White of Houston Co., Ga.
Bennett Joiner of Dooly Co., Ga. $50 Fr. Lot No. 326 in the 14th Dist. Houston Co., Ga. 51 1/10 acres Drawn by: William White (11 Sep 1829 ) 1821 LL Frac. Bk "H", 51 a
See Deed Bk E/368 Bennett Joiner to H. W. Brunson, Excr. of Mary Brunson Estate (9-15-1932) 51.1 acres
Signed: William (x) White
Wit: Wells Joiner and Lewis Joiner Recorded No Date

Bennett Joiner of Sumter County was married to Charity Swearingen. His son James Madison and other of my relatives are buried in the Swearingen Cemetery on Hwy 230, 3 miles from Byronville, Georgia on the way to Drayton Georgia.. There are unmarked graves near my relatives and it could be that Bennett and Charity are buried in the Swearingen Cemetery as well. However, Bennett and Charity are not listed on the record of people buried at Swearingen Cemetery. I [R. Clark Joiner, Jr.] have talked to one of the care takers of the Swearingen Cemetery and he does not know who is buried in the unmarked graves.
Sumter County, Georgia Wills -Book ? Page 31
Bennett Joiner
Dated Feb 13, 1852

Transcribed by Helen Sharpe
April 13, 2007

Georgia Sumter County - Feb 13th 1852

The last will and testament of Bennett Joiner with his heirs.
First, that all his just Debts be paid.

2nd - that his oldest son John Andrew Joiner is to have fifty dollars paid to him if ever he comes after it.

3rd - that James Madison Joiner is to have one negro man named William, and one bed, and all of his room furniture and one small four horse waggon.

4th - that my Daughter Samatha E. Joiner is to have one negro woman name Ann and her child Patsy and her bed and room furniture.

5th - that my Daughter Mary M. Joiner, is to have one negro woman named Susan and Anny her daughter and her bed and room furniture.

6th - that my Daughter Bethany E. Joiner is to have one negro woman name Clarisa and her bed and room furniture

7th - that my son Bennett Joiner is to have one negro Boy named Henry and one negro Boy name Peter and one bed made up to him.

8th - that my Daughter Sally Joiner is to have one negro Boy name David and one negro boy name Joshua and one bed made up to her.

9th - that my Daughter Elminer is to have one negro girl name Vilot.

10th - that my Daughter Georgia Ann is to have one negro girl name Milly.

11th - that my wife Charity Joiner is to have one negro man Philip and one negro woman Jennett with all the stock belonging on my place to have and to hold during her life unless she the said Charity marry and then the said property to be equally divided with my four youngest children that is Bennett and Sally and Elminer and Georgia Ann and that my wife Charity is to have all of lot of land that lies on the north side of the road leading from Danville to Americus of No. thirty six for her a home during her widowhood, but if she the said Charity marry then the full Lot of land No. thirty six in the twenth-eight dist of once Lee now Sumter to be equally divided with all my children my new Buggy to be left to Charity and my four least children. my son James Madison to be executor to this will and each child to have her or his part when they marry or twenty one years old. note by myself Feb 13th 1852
Signed Bennet Joiner

Sumter County Georgia Court of Ordinary - November term 1852 - Minute Book B.
The last Will and Testament of Bennett Joiner late of Sumter County decd. having been produced in open Court by James M. Joiner the Executor therein named, and it appearing that said will was not witnesseth according to law, the same was proven to the satisfaction of the Court by proving the handwriting of the Testator by the evidence of Peter M. O'Shay, John Joiner, Burrell Joiner and John H. Wallace. It is ordered that said will be admitted to record. And it is further ordered that letters of administration with the will annexed issue to James M. Joiner he having given bond in the sum of Six thousand dollars with Burrell Joiner & John H. Wallace securities & taken the oath required by law.

It is also ordered that Lewis P. Blunt, John H. Wallace, Joel J. C. Horne, Edward L. McRee & William Horne be appointed appraisers to appraise said estate and a warrent of appraisement will issue to them accordingly.

Other records regarding the estate of Bennett Joiner are also listed in Minute Book B.
July term 1853
It appearing to the Court that James M. Joiner, administrator (with the will annexed) of Bennett Joiner, late of Sumter County, deceased, has given due and legal notice by publication in the Georgia Journal & Messanger, a public gazette of this State, of his intention to apply to this court to sell the lands and two negro slaves belonging to the said estae, and it further appearing, that said sale is necessary to enable the administrator to arrive at a fair and equitable division of said estate among the distributees, and no objection has been filed, or rendered from any quarter. It is therefore ordered, that the said James M. Joiner have and leave is hereby granted unto him, to sell Lot of Land No. 36 in the 28th District of Sumter county (subject to the widows dower) also two negro slaves, viz. Vilot a girl, about four years of age, Milly a girl, two years of age, he advertizing the same according to law. (Note: Violet was willed to Elminer and Milly to Georgia Ann. T!
he lot of land on the north side of the road was left to Charity.)

December Term 1853
It appearing to the Court, on the representation of James M. Joiner, Administrator of Bennett Joiner, deceased, that the negroes belonging to the estate of said deceased, is mostly Women having small children, and that it would most benefit all concerned, to hire out said negroes (for the coming year) privately. It is therefore ordered, that the said James M. administrator as aforesaid be & he is hereby allowed to hire out said negroes privately to the best advantage of the estate.

Bennett died between Feb 13 1852 and November 1852.

Proof of his parents is unknown at this time. April 13, 2007

Spouse: Sarah Smith

Notes from Helen Sharpe


Marr: 10 Dec 1824, Lauren Co., GA

Children: James Madison (1827-1910)
John Andrew (<1827-)

Other spouses: Charity Swearingen

1.1 James Madison Joyner
Birth: 16 May 1827, Georgia
Death: 13 Aug 1910, Dooly Co., GA

Notes from Helen Sharpe

Madison is listed in the 1850 Sumter Co., Ga. census with his father Bennett as 23, born in Georgia.

1860 Dooly Co. Ga. Census #563
Joiner, J. M. 33
Caroline 27
Bennett 14; Sarah 14; James E 3 and S. J. female 1 (Bennett and Sarah are brother and sister to Madison.

1870 Dooly Co. Ga. Census #881 Drayton Postoffice
Joiner, Madison 43 farmer
Caroline 37 housekeeper
James E. 13 works on farm; S. J. female 11 at school; Mary 9; John F. 8; Charles 6; Caroline 4;
one other unreadable name.

1880 Census - Not located

1900 Dooly Co. Ga. Census #177 633 Militia Dist.

Joiner, Jas M. May 1827 73 born in Georgia
Caroline wife Dec 1833 66 married 45 years. 8 children 8 living

1910 Dooly Co., Ga. Census 535 Militia District-Lilly
Joiner, A. H. 39
Mary 9 daughter; Connie 7 daughter; Onie 5 daughter
Joiner, J. M. Father 82 wd.

However, there is a 20 year difference in ages in some of the children of Bennett Joiner, John Andrew is the oldest followed by James Madison. The court granted James Madison guardianship of his sisters younger than 14 after Bennett died.

Spouse: Carolyn West
Birth: Dec 1833
Death: 1 Mar 1907
Marr: 29 Sep 1854, Dooly Co., GA

Children: James E. (1857-)
Mary T. (~1861->1900)
John F. (~1862->1920)
Charles A. (1863-1937)
Caroline (~1866-)
Allison Holmes (~1871-1962)
Walter T. (1873-)

1.1.1 James E. Joyner
Birth: May 1857

Notes from Helen Sharpe
1900 Dooly Co., Ga Census Militia Dist. 540
Joiner, James 43 born May 1857 in Georgia married 16 years
Mary wife 43 born Feb 1857 3 children 2 living
Lena, daughter 14 born Sep 1885 in Georgia
Amea...daughter 18 born 1891 in Georgia

Spouse: Mary
Birth: Feb 1857
Marr: abt 1884, Georgia

Children: Lena (1885-) Lena Joyner
Birth: Sep 1885, Dooly Co., GA

1.1.2 Mary T. Joyner
Birth: abt 1861, Dooly Co., GA
Death: aft 1900

Spouse: William L. Ingram
Birth: Oct 1850
Death: aft 1900, Dooly Co., GA

Notes from Helen Sharpe
1900 Dooly Co. Ga. Census 535 Militia District #397
Ingram, Wm. L. 50 born Oct 1850 married 16 years
Mary wife 40 born 1860 9 children 7 living
Winn or John 14 son born 1886; Clay 12 son born Aug 1888; Ula 13 daughter born Sep 1891; Verne 7 daughter born Sep 1892; Edwin 4 son born Oct 1896; Gladie 2 daughter born July 1898

Marr: 5 Feb 1884, Dooly Co., GA

Children: Carrie (~1885-)
Madison (~1886-)
Henry Clay (1888-)
Mary Eula (1891-)
Verna (1892-)
Edwin (1896-)
Gladys (1898-) Carrie Ingram
Birth: abt 1885, Dooly Co., GA Madison Ingram
Birth: abt 1886, Dooly Co., GA Henry Clay Ingram
Birth: Aug 1888, Dooly Co., GA Mary Eula Ingram
Birth: Sep 1891, Dooly Co., GA Verna Ingram
Birth: Sep 1892, Dooly Co., GA Edwin Ingram
Birth: Oct 1896, Dooly Co., GA Gladys Ingram
Birth: Jul 1898, Dooly Co., GA

1.1.3 John F. Joyner
Birth: abt 1862, Dooly Co., GA
Death: aft 1920

Notes from Helen Sharpe

1900 Dooly Co., Ga Census 540 Militia District #372
Joiner, John born May 1863 37 married 11 years
Char.... born Feb 1873 27 5 children 4 living
Vick daughter born Sep 1890 9
Thomas W. son born Feb 1892 8
Charley M. son born Sep 1896 3
Eva M. daughter born 1898 1 (can't read month)

1920 Dooly Co., Ga. Census 640 Militia district #48
Joiner, John F. 56
Charlie May wife 47
Charles 13 son
Johnnie son 9

1930 Dooly Co., Ga. Census 640 Militia District #89
Joiner, S. F. 67 married at 27 years old
Charly Mae wife 57 17 when married
Charles son 21

Spouse: Charly Mae Quinn
Birth: Feb 1873, Georgia
Death: aft 1920
Marr: 10 Nov 1888, Dooly Co., GA

Children: Vick (1890-)
Thomas W. (1892-)
Charles M. (1896-)
Eva M. (1898-)
Johnnie James (~1911-) Vick Joyner
Birth: Sep 1890, Dooly Co., GA Thomas W. Joyner
Birth: Feb 1892, Dooly Co., GA Charles M. Joyner
Birth: Sep 1896, Dooly Co., GA Eva M. Joyner
Birth: 1898, Dooly Co., GA Johnnie James Joyner
Birth: abt 1911, Dooly Co., GA

1.1.4 Charles A. Joyner
Birth: Dec 1863, Dooly Co., GA
Death: 25 Jan 1937, Dooly Co., GA

Notes from Helen Sharpe

1900 Dooly Co., Ga. Census 540 Militia Dist #276
Joiner, Charley 37 born Dec 1863 37 married 14 yers
Terry wife 34 born 1865 3 children 2 living
Earl son 13 born June 1887
Allise ? Allene? daughter 10 born Aug 1889

1910 Dooly Co., Ga Census 535 Militia Dist
Joiner Charlie 46 married 1 time for 24 years
Terry wife 44 6 children 5 living
Allise? daughter single
Louise daughter 7
Madison son 6
Myrtle, daughter 3

1920 Dooly Co., Ga Census - 585 Militia District #6
Joiner, Charles A or H. 57
Terry wife 55
Lucile 19 daughter; Madison 16 son; Myrtle daughter 12
Dudly 14 nephew
Ivaleen 10 niece
Godum? Susan A. mother-in-law

1930 Dooly Co., Ga. Cnsus 640 Militia District #89
Joiner, C. A. 67
Terry wife 65
Earl 41 son; Kathleen 36 daughter-in-law; Darithy 14 granddaughter; James grandson 11; Arthur 9 grandson; Charles 7 grandson; Ruth 5 granddaughter; May 1 6/12 granddaughter

Spouse: Terry McClendon
Birth: Dec 1865
Death: aft 1930

Notes from Helen sharpe

Mother listed as Susan A. Godum? 79 on 1920 Dooly Co. Ga. census

Marr: abt 1886

Children: Earl (1887-)
Allene (1889-)
Lucille (~1901-)
Madison (~1904-)
Myrtle (~1908-) Earl Joyner
Birth: Jun 1887, Dooly Co., GA

Spouse: Kathleen

Children: Darithy (~1916-)
James (~1919-)
Arthur (~1921-)
Charles (~1923-)
Ruth (~1925-)
May (~1928-) Darithy Joyner
Birth: abt 1916, Dooly Co., GA James Joyner
Birth: abt 1919, Dooly Co., GA Arthur Joyner
Birth: abt 1921, Dooly Co., GA Charles Joyner
Birth: abt 1923, Dooly Co., GA Ruth Joyner
Birth: abt 1925, Dooly Co., GA May Joyner
Birth: abt 1928, Dooly Co., GA Allene Joyner
Birth: Aug 1889, Dooly Co., GA Lucille Joyner
Birth: abt 1901, Dooly Co., GA Madison Joyner
Birth: abt 1904, Dooly Co., GA Myrtle Joyner
Birth: abt 1908, Dooly Co., GA

1.1.5 Caroline Joyner
Birth: abt 1866, Dooly Co., GA

1.1.6 Allison Holmes Joyner
Birth: abt 1871
Death: 1 Apr 1962, Dooly Co., GA

Notes from Helen Sharpe

1900 Dooly Co. Ga. Census 585 Militia District #229
Joiner, Holmes A. 29 born March 1871 in Georgia married 3 years
Roy C. son 1 year born Jan 1898 1 child 1 child living

1910 Dooly Co., Ga. Census 535 Militia District-Lilly
Joiner, A. H. 39
Mary 9 daughter; Connie 7 daughter; Onie 5 daughter
Joiner, J. M. Father 82 wd.

Spouse: Georgia Edwina Dooling
Birth: Jun 1880, Georgia
Death: aft 1910

Children: Roy C. (1898-1964)
Mary (~1901-)
Connie (~1903-)
Onie (~1905-) Roy C. Joyner
Birth: Jan 1898, Dooly Co., GA
Death: 11 Apr 1964, Dooly Co., GA Mary Joyner
Birth: abt 1901, Dooly Co., GA Connie Joyner
Birth: abt 1903, Dooly Co., GA Onie Joyner
Birth: abt 1905, Dooly Co., GA

1.1.7 Walter T. Joyner
Birth: Mar 1873, Dooly Co., GA

Notes from Helen Sharpe
1900 Dooly Co., Ga Census Militia Dist. 540
Joiner, Walter T. 27 born March 1873 married 6 years
Nina wife 27 born Oct 1873 2 cildren 2 living
Aubry son 5 born Feb 1895
Wilbur son 1 born Oct 1899

Spouse: Nina McClendon
Birth: Oct 1873
Marr: abt 1894

Children: Aubry (1895-)
Wilbur (1899-) Aubry Joyner
Birth: Feb 1895, Dooly Co., GA Wilbur Joyner
Birth: Oct 1899, Dooly Co., GA

1.2 John Andrew Joyner
Birth: bef 1827

Notes from Helen Sharpe

John was not in Sumter County in 1852 when the will of his father Bennett was written. "2nd item-that his oldest son John Andrew Joiner is to have fifty dollars paid to him if ever he comes after it."


Kathleen spouse of
Mary spouse of 1.1.1
Georgia Edwina spouse of 1.1.6
Henry Clay
Mary Eula
William L. spouse of 1.1.2
Allison Holmes 1.1.6
Bennett 1
Caroline 1.1.5
Charles A. 1.1.4
Charles M.
Eva M.
James E. 1.1.1
James Madison 1.1
John Andrew 1.2
John F. 1.1.3
Johnnie James
Mary T. 1.1.2
Roy C.
Thomas W.
Walter T. 1.1.7
Nina spouse of 1.1.7
Terry spouse of 1.1.4
Charly Mae spouse of 1.1.3
Sarah spouse of 1
Carolyn spouse of 1.1

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