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From: Dennis Benarz <>
Subject: [GALICIA] Surnames Czuchra & Konefal
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 03:12:52 -0600

For Cheryl Balog Wenberg:

Hi Cheryl

I recognize the surnames that you are researching in their more common Polish forms - CZUCHRA (Ciura, Csura, Curyea, Chura) and KONEFAL~ (Kornefal, Karnafel, Karnofel) - and these surnames are not uncommon in the areas around Tarnow and Tarnobrzeg.

Some examples of users: The PGSA's James Czuchra's ancestors came from the Zasow Parish area north of Debica while the ancestors of Stan Konefal (who sequenced many of the MIDI music files heard on our web pages) were from the Kolbuszowa area if I remember correctly. Plus, it was a Konefal Family who donated the first of the stained glass windows for my ancestral parish church at Straszecin (adjacent to Debica), rebuilt after being burned to the ground by the Soviet Red Army in early 1945.

So, it is possible these particular ancestors of yours arrived at Preluki from somewhere else. Maybe, maybe not. It's just something worth considering.

Best wishes for the holiday season!

Dennis Benarz, Chicagoland USA 2009

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