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Oconee County GaArchives News.....Watkinsville, Tax Digest 1925 1925
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Oconee Enterprise 1925
From the Oconee Enterprise
Friday, December 18, 1925
Page 6

Tax Digest of Watkinsville for 1925

All tax payers of the town who have complaints about 1925 taxes are
requested to
meet the Mayor and the Council at the Court house on Monday afternoon, December
from 1 o'clock until the work is finished. If you have any complaint be there
promptly at
1 o'clock.
Ashford & Co., merchandise, notes, accounts 4,000
Warehouse 2,000
C A Ashford household goods 400
G F Ashford household goods 350
J W Athon, house and lot 1500
May Anderson, house, lot, furniture 1050
Mrs Abercrombie, house, lot, furniture 2200
M A Andrews, house and lot, furniture, livestock 1470
Ashford, McRee & Co., ginnery 3,000
A W Ashford, house, lot, furniture 4,000
" Frank Ashford residence 1500
" C A Ashford residence 1750
" J H Langford residence 350
" C C Gregory residence 450
" E M Anderson home place 1250
" Ashford & Co. storehouse 5000
" 2 building lots 400
" 3 negro houses 350
" 10 acres land 1000
" Witcher store room 2000
" Automobiles and truck 700
" Notes and accounts 550
Lewis Anderson, household goods 50
American Railway & Express Co., office fixtures 99
R R Burger, house, lot, furniture, notes 1500
Billups & Hale, merchandise 800
R W Billups, house and lot, furniture, autos 1775
Mrs W H Booth, house, lot, furniture, auto 1660
A R Branch, Avera place, lot, furniture, auto 2250
Miss Susie Barwick, house and lot, furniture 650
A L Barwick, house, lot, furniture 1400
J H Biggers, furniture 250
Bob Brown, house and lot 300
Kittie Barnett, house and lot 350
Harriet Bunch, house and lot 150
Jim Brown, furniture 50
J H Blalock, house and lot, land, auto 1400
R C Christopher, house, lot, shop and tools 800
A C Camp, household goods, auto 400
Mrs Jennie Camp, estate, house and lot 1000
Mrs H H Cobb, furniture, livestock, auto 650
J G Chandler, house, lot, furniture, livestock 1425
A Y Crowley, furniture, auto, livestock 425
Central of Georgia Railway 12128
C C Chalker, auto 200
Dexter Durham, house and lot 500
H C Durham estate house and lot 750
C A Duggan, house, lot, furniture, auto 1225
Mrs E W Downs, house, lot, furniture 1425
Tom Durham, household goods 250
W I Dooley, house, lot, furniture, livestock 1525
E N Day, household goods 150
Stuart Davis, house lot, furniture 400
Eureka Tea Room, stock and fixtures 300
Albert Elder, auto and shop tools 250
Mrs A C Elder, house, lot, furniture, shop 1700
Robert Elder, auto 200
W Joe Elder estate, house, lot, and lands 800
Mrs W Joe Elder, house, lot, furniture, lotes, acreage 2300
D M Elder, furniture and auto 250
Miss Warnie Edge, storeroom 2000
Mrs S J Edge estate, house and lot 700
Gus Evans, furniture 50
Roney Evans, furniture 50
C C Gregory, furniture and shop tools 150
H B Gordon, house and lot, furniture, shop and lot 1150
F A Gillen, house, lot furniture 1450
F D Gillen, furniture and auto 250
Gospel Aid Society, house and lot 250
W B Hale, auto 150
Dr. W H Hodges, house and lot and furniture 1750
" Storeroom, merchandise, auto 1150
E P Hilsman, house and lots, furniture, auto, merchandise 1175
Hodgson Cotton Co., two warehouses 600
Hodgson Oil & Refineray Co., ginnery 4800
H B Harris, house, lot, furniture, auto 00
Mrs H B Harris and sisters, house and lot 800
W H Hodges, jr., house, lot, furniture, land, auto 2075
Jas. Hutcheson estate, house and lot 1700
J H Hattaway, storeroom 1500
W E Hardigree, house and lot 800
LeRoy Hodges, furniture 100
Bunion Hunter, furniture 50
A C Jackson, furniture and auto 350
A C Jackson estate house and lot 1250
L F Johnson, house, lot, furniture, auto 1650
Mrs J W Jackson, house and lots 1200
E P Johnston, house, lot, furniture, land, auto 2600
J H Langford, furniture and auto 200
Mrs W B Langford estate, house and lot 1250
John Lot, furniture 150
C B McRee, furniture, merchandise 450
Miss Ida Murray, house lot, furniture 2250
Lon Murray, furniture 150
J C McRee, merchandise and furniture 750
W H Montgomery, house, lot, furniture, land, livestock 1200
McRee & Co., merchandise, notes, accts, truck 3100
Frank C Mills, furniture and auto 150
R Marvin McRee, house, lot, furniture, auto 1950
Mell McRee, house, lots, furniture, auto 1450
Mrs Frank Myers, house and lot 1000
A H Morton estate, house and lot 1500
J M McRee, house, lot, furniture, merchandise 2800
J Z Marshall, storeroom 2000
B R McRee, house, lot, furniture, livestock 3050
" McRee & Co store 800
" Land and 4 houses 3050
A W Meaders, house; lot, furniture, auto, land 2550
R J McGuire, furniture and auto 250
R M Nicholson, house, lot, furniture, land, auto 2375
Nicholson & Ward, house, merchandise, auto 500
W M Nicholson, house, lot, furniture 1150
T L O'Dillon, house, lot, furniture, auto 1975
Oconee Hardware Co., building, merch, notes, accts 8000
Oconee Undertaking Co., merchandise 750
Mrs B E Overby, house, lot, furniture 900
Oconee County Bank, cap, stock, warehouse, house, lot 18000
Mrs D A Osborn, house, lot, furniture 2875
Oconee Enterprise, equipment 1250
Oconee elephone Co., equipment 1000
Oconee-Trusel Motor Co., building, stock, tools 4500
M A Osborne, furniture, auto 150
E M Poulnott, furniture 250
S B Porter, house and lot 1250
Emmet Robison, house, lot, furniture 1875
Wolver Smith, agent, house, lot 2500
Mrs F V Schley, house, lot, furniture, notes 1800
Dr R H Smith, house, lot, furniture, auto 1525
Swift & Co., warehouse 1000
Mrs Sallie Stovall, house, lot, furniture 1775
Southern Bell Telephone, equipment 469
E C Swann, furniture 150
C A Trussell, house, lot, lands 2500
Mrs B E Thrasher, house, lot 2000
C E Trussell, furniture, auto 350
Miss Maude Thrasher, house, lot, furniture, land 1850
H A Thornton, livestock, household goods 320
D B Veal, house, lot, furniture 1225
Mrs E J Veal, house, lot, furniture 1375
Byron Williams, 2 house, lots 2000
Mrs Marzie Williams, furniture 150
H F Winn, house, lot 600
W H Witcher, furniture and auto 450
Roy Ward, house, lot, furniture 1350
George T Webster, house, lot, furniture 2500
J A Wilson, house, lot, furniture 1300
Dr W M White, house, lot, furniture 2500
Miss Annie White, house, lot, furniture 1350
Mrs A S Ward building lot 200
Western Union Telegraph, equipment 123
J E Wilson, storehouse 600

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