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Subject: Re: [GARDINER] Richard Gardiner of the Mayflower
Date: Sun, 20 May 2001 15:28:53 EDT

I just got this from a Mayflower site:
Richard Gardiner
BORN: probably the Richard Gardinar baptized 12 February 1582, Harwich,
Essex, England, son of John Gardiner and Lucy Russell
DIED: between 1624 and 1651, England or at sea
MARRIED: no known marriage
CHILDREN: no known children
William Bradford in his journal Of Plymouth Plantation wrote in 1650:
"Richard Gardinar, became a seaman, and dyed in England, or at sea." He was
most likely the son of John Gardiner and Lucy Russell. Lucy Russell was the
step-aunt of Christopher Jones, captain of the Mayflower, and was likely
related by marriage to John Alden, the Mayflower's cooper. This relationship
places Richard in a sea-faring family, which would be expected if he "became
a seaman" as Bradford states. He is probably the same person as the Richard
Gardiner who is named in the 23 May 1609 Second Virginia Charter, having
invested £12 10s in the Virginia Company of London.  His father John Gardiner
is probably the John Gardiner, merchant, listed on the same Charter, having
invested £75 in the Virginia Company of London.  This large investment in the
Virginia Company might give some insight into the following excerpt from a
letter written by Emmanuel Altham to James Sherley in May 1624 from New
And he hath sent me word that he will provide me a sufficient man for
master, notwithstanding Richard Gardinar hath earnestly requested it,
claiming it as his due by place, but some say not by sufficiency.  I will say
no more concerning him because I know you shall understand it by others.

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