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Subject: [GARDNER] Sunderland P Gardner- His Life
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 12:56:07 EDT

Dear List, This is rather lenghty, so you may want to set up your printers.
This is also something I photocopied from Ontario Co. NY. It looks to be
complete, and gives an idea of life. I have no idea who did this sketch, I'm
assuming the Historian, however, we all know not to assume! But there was
nothing listed of who compiled this... I am including the Endnotes, as it is
always good to know where there is information printed" somewhere out there."

It seems to be obvious that he has omitted many years and very significant
events of his life. From the "Family Sketches" account mentioned previously,
from snippets of personal references in letters included in the Memoirs, and
from "Friends" records, I compose a chronological history of Sunderland
Gardners life as follows:

1802 July 4, born at Rensselaerville (Westerlo), NY
1808 His father joins Friends
1814 the family moves to Farmington, Ontario County
1824 Sunderland ceases popular amusements
1825 He requests to come under the care of Friends (13)
1826 He refuses to appear for militia training or to pay the fine for not
appearing and is jailed.
1826 He marries Mary Willets (4)
1828 January 24 acknowledgement accepted for marrying out (4a)
1829 He and Mary have child who died in infancy (5)
1830 they have a daughter who married Nathaniel Powell and who had at least
on daughter (6) (4)
1836 Mary dies
1846 preaches extensive sermon to youth of Genesee Yearly Meeting
1847-1856 He is Commissioner of Schools for Farmington (7) (4)
1848 He Marries Lament Gatchel, daughter of William and Huldah Herendeen
Gatchelby whom he must have had a daughter and other children (8) (4) (8A)
1849 November 22, recognised in Ministry and begins traveling in that service
and preaching at funerals
1853 Makes first visit to meetings in Michigan, a part of Genesee Yearly
Meeting, and migrated from Farmington
1854 He and Lament and his Powell granddaughter visit Canada
1859 he visits Michigan and writes to wife and children
1861 Lament dies
1863 May 28, he marries Annette H. Bell, daughter of William and Sarah H Bell
at Farmington who he had met in 1861 (9) (8b)
1868 his house burns down along with his papers
1869 Sunderland and Anette's first son is born followed by two more sons (11)
1882 Annette persuades him to accept proffered financial help (12)
1882 attend and paricipates heavily in Baltimore Yearly Meeting
1883 Jane Russell and other Friends build a house for him (12)
1885 preaches series of sermons at Philadelphia and Baltimore yearly meetings.
1886 attened Baltimore Yearly meeting again
1890 farm doing poorly
1891 severe bout with grippe
1892 another attack of grippe, attend last yearly meeing
1893 February 13, dies at nearly 91 years
a speculative date, and the other dates appear in the Memoirs, in the Family
Sketches, or in Friends records or are closely calculated therefrom.

1. Memoirs of the Life and Religious Labors of Sunderland P Gardner, Friends
Book Association, Philadelphia, 1895
2. George S Conover, ed., "Family Sketches" History at Ontario County, NY
3. Memiors pg 19
4. Sketches pg 79
4a. John Cox Jr compiler, Marriage Intentions (etc) Farmington Monthly
Meeting, from 1803-1827, 1911 Hailand Records Room
5 Memiors pg 252
6. ibid pg 38
7.ibid pg 103
8 ibid pg 69
8a Josephine S C Frost compiler, Quartlerly Meeting Records, State of NY,
Ontario COunty Niagara County, NY pg 12
8b ibid pg 31
9. Memiors pg 20
10. ibid pg 138
11. ibid pg 22
12, ibid pg 22-23
13. ibid pg 185
14 ibid pg 134
15 Emily Cooper Johnson, Under Quaker Appointment, The Life of Jane P
Rushmore, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 1953 pg 26

Excuse the typing errors friends, there may be a few....that I made! lol

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