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From: Nez <>
Subject: [GARRETT-L] Garrett Snuff Fortune for Willplus2
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 03:52:30 -0600

Suggestion: Ask your local library about "interlibrary loan" for the
book. Many libraries now can search the OCLC computer network for
holdings of other libraries which may be willing to lend the book. This
is a world-wide consortium of library titles held by public and college

The old Garrett Genealogical Exchange magazine, January 1987 pub. by the
Garrett Group has several pages on the Garrett Snuff Fortune. The
12 & 13.

George Howell Garrett, after Levi's death sold his half of the snuff
business to his brother, who changed the name of the firm to WILLIAM E.
GARRETT COMPANY. William Evans Garrett who died in 1885 at age 87
willed the snuff business to his two sons, Walter and William E. Garrett

William E. Garrett Jr. d. 1901, age 66, single. Walter Garrett
1831-1895. After Walter's death, William E. Garrett Jr. decided to
withdraw from the snuff business and transferred it to three loyal

Walter Garrett mar. Henrietta. He willed his full interest in the firm
to his brother, and did not name his sisters, spinsters Julia and
Elizbeth, as they were independently wealthy. Walter willed Henrietta's
brother 100 certificates of Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore RR
stock worth $1,000. each. Much of the "snuff fortune" was made up of
railroad stock and city bonds. Besides leaving his fortune to Henrietta
when he died, Walter had bequeathed considerable to hospitals. He had
named Henrietta, her brother, and his brother as executors of his
estate, but his brother refused to act.

Henrietta's brother d. 1915, willing his estate to Henrietta after
bequeathing some to the Philadelphia Masonic Lodge, the Masonic Home,
his made, three cousins. Henrietta lived to age 81 and made no will.

When Henrietta died in 1930, her estate was worth $17,000,000. She had
started at Walter's death at $6,000,000. When Julia Garrett, Walter's
sister d. in 1913 she left $12,000,000 legacy.

Was this Henrietta Schaefer? The magazine doesn't mention a surname for
her. Good luck on locating the book!

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