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From: "Peavy, John R SAS" <>
Subject: [GASCREVE-L] DOWDY Screven and Chatham Cos GA
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 18:34:41 -0700

Dear Billie M. SWEAT,

I became interested in the DOWDYs because my wife's ancestors
Hezekiah ANDERSON and Alley _____ of Screven Co GA had two DOWDY in-laws:
their eldest child
Gordian ANDERSON (b c 1808 Screven Co GA m 2 Jan 1826 Screven Co GA)

m John L. DOWDY (b c 1804 Screven Co GA), and one of his two
William F. ANDERSON (b c 1815 d 5 Jun 1893 m1 14 Jun 1833 Screven Co
m1 Sarah Ann DOWDY (b c 1814 d > 1880, my wife's ggggparents).

The 24 Nov 1829 will of Richard DOWDY [Jr RS b 1750-1760] probated in
Chatham Co GA in 1832, shows a widow
Ann [b 1800-1810, likely his m3, possibly Nancy MOULTRIE m 14 Sep
1822 Screven Co GA], a surviving son,
John [initial L. shows in probate records] DOWDY, and two surviving
Catherine DOWDY [m 18 Sep 1832 Chatham Co GA m Thomas ROYCROFT] and
July FRY [Julia - I don't believe I've seen a primary record which
shows "Judith" -- Julia m 8/17 Apr 1828 Chatham Co GA m John M. FRY (Jr?)],
and two grandchildren,
Benjamin Franklin DOWDY [b 1816] and
Keziah DOWDY [b c 1826].
He made his mark "R" on the will [data in brackets in this paragraph do not
appear in the will]

The will does not mention any of John's children; these grandchildren are
the orphans of his older deceased son(s) (John L. DOWDY's half-brothers) ,
presumably only
Benjamin DOWDY (d c Aug 1819 Chatham Co GA), and
Wyley DOWDY (b 1775-1794 d by 2 Mar 1829 Screven Co GA when John B.
MOULTRIE was his administrator).
Benjamin Franklin DOWDY's other grandfather, Simon SMITH RS, mentions him in
his will as well but not Keziah, so these two grandchilden likely have
different parents. Keziah DOWDY seems to be the lady who m George
Washington SCOTT (b 21 May 1826 d 27 May 1910, half-brother of my
ggggfather) and she was b c 1826 m 11 Sep 1842. These dates are crucial if
not sufficient to determining which DOWDY son m Rebecca SMITH DOWDY
STRICKLAND (widowed by 1821) and was the father of Benjamin Franklin DOWDY
(who grew up to become Sheriff of Tattnall Co GA among other honorable
positions), and which DOWDY son was the father of Keziah DOWDY SCOTT.

I do not know how the Richard DOWDY of Montgomery Co GA was
established as an eldest son, Richard DOWDY III (based on c 1805 tax
records). No mention of him is made in the 1829 will (and I can only
establish a rather wide b date range for one older child - Wylly). Neither
is Sarah Ann DOWDY ANDERSON mentioned; an earlier ANDERSON researcher had
her as Sarah MOULTRIE, although the marriage record shows DOWDY and her age
implies that she is more likely a DOWDY daughter than a DOWDY widow. Among
their being neighbors, acting as surtety, administering an estate, marrying,
jointly selling land and using MOULTIRE as the middle name of two later
children, there are many, many MOULTRIE tie-ins.

Because Benjamin DOWDY's probate file in Chatham Co GA indicates
that he had fallen into some trouble in Chatham and Effingham Cos GA within
a few years of his death and also indicates that the administrator of his
estate was his major creditor (Benjamin BURTON; the file makes no mention of
his family, only the Chatham Co GA and perhaps Screven Co GA friends that
contributed funds to settle the estate), it is only natural that no Benjamin
Franklin DOWDY descendants may wish to claim the older Benjamin DOWDY as
much as they gladly accept the younger Benjamin Franklin DOWDY's
accomplishments (I have no primary evidence that indicates the pair were Sr
and Jr) and gladly accept the RS of Richard DOWDY Jr. The Pioneers of
Wiregrass GA Volume IX pp 159-160 article makes the connection, but the
article's author, Joseph E. SPANN Jr (Director of the Polk Co FL Historical
& Genealogical Library, Old Courthouse, 100 East Main Street, Bartow FL
33830), had at one time reversed field in favor of Wyley DOWDY. I've not
found proof, but I suspect that the author was right the first time. A
further complication to this issue is that a Benjamin DOWDY m Miss Elizabeth
BROCK m 12 Sep 1814 in Effingham Co GA, so if he is indeed the husband of
Rebecca SMITH, he must have m2 very shorthly thereafter -- I have not been
yet found a BROCK or SMITH researcher who can help me on this matter. Mr.
SPANN is also the expert on the Colonial Georgia's Richard DOWDY Sr, the
"pump-maker," who m Judith _____, widow of Benjamin RUSS on 11 Apr 1756 in
St Helena Parish (now Beaufort Co SC).

That the DOWDY data has been incorporated into an FTM CD is
impressive - I wasn't aware that the data was solid enough yet -- but then,
is it ever? A friend furnished an outline of the data which appears on FTM
CD 4 Tree 3938 and FTM CD 18 Tree 1082 -- I do not know who submitted the
data. Should you happen to see the FTM CDs, you will find a number leaps
beyond the data which I have at hand and a number of errors, judging by the
research which produced this present message (please let me know if you want
the backup data for anything that I indicate here -- there's really quite a
lot of it now).

The generous and extremely gracious lady who submitted the Hezekiah
ANDERSON and John L. DOWDY data for our use at LDS Family History Centers is
Mrs. Kathryn Geleeta ROGERS SHEPARD. Have you been in touch with her? I
believe that she (off-line in Lake City FL) has some corrections to the LDS
data that she submitted.

Would you know of any primary evidence that John L. DOWDY's middle
name is Lottaway? Even if it is the middle name of his son or grandson, his
own middle name could be otherwise, Lane for example (for the mother of
John, Catherine and Julia -- that is, Penelope LANE BRICE DOWDY b < 1775 d >
1820, 2nd wife of Richard DOWDY Jr RS m2 c 1806 -- she m1 1797 Bulloch Co

The birth places of the children of John L. DOWDY (b c 1804 Screven
Co GA m 2/4 Jan 1826 Screven Co GA by [not yet Rev] Moses Nathaniel MCCALL
Sr J.P., another of my wife's forefathers) & Gordian ANDERSON (b c 1808
Screven Co GA) (the census taker in Telfair Co GA wrote down to the county
level for those enumerated that were b GA.) change from Screven Co GA to
Telfair Co GA c 1836-1837. John's father, Richard DOWDY Jr RS (who had
evidently moved from Screven Co GA to Chatham Co GA in the late 1820's), had
left him an 850 acre tract on Black Creek in Screven Co GA when his will was
probated in Chatham Co GA in 1832 -- I have not yet looked for the
subsequent sale of that acreage.

In 1835 John L. DOWDY was the guardian for his wife's brother,
Ignatius Bell ANDERSON "Wheeler" (b 11 Jun 1812? Screven Co GA -- I have b c
1819 -- d 26 Aug 1889 Dodge Co GA). On 10 May 1837 in Telfair Co GA he m
Rebecca SHABER). One of his descendants, James H. ANDERSON, graciously
shared a great deal of information about him and his descendants.
Additionally, "Chapter IV - Families" in A History of Wilcox County, Georgia
(1984 pp 153-154 of 589) is a summary of the ANDERSON-STRATHAM-WESTER Family
by Frances WESTER SMITH, begining with Wheeler's son Hazikiriah [sic]

John's sister Catherine L. DOWDY (b 1806-1808 Screven Co GA) and her
husband Thomas ROYCROFT/RYCROFT (b 1807 VA d 1850-1860) also settled in
Telfair Co GA. They had been m 18 Sep 1832 Chatham Co GA on a Tuesday
evening by Jacob CHADBORN Esq. I have not yet looked at the subsequent sale
of the Spring Hill, Savannah residence that Richard DOWDY Jr had left to her
earlier that year. Eight of Thomas and Catherine's children were b: in
Effingham Co GA c 1833, in Screven Co GA c 1837 and in Telfair Co GA c
1838-1845. By 1860, Catharine is evidently a widow with five children,
including a (grand?)son b the year before -- one older son has a wife and
three children in a separate household, and one older daughter is living
with the DOWDYs (as is a little girl, Rebecca BOHANNON b c 1854, of unkown
relationship). One of her sons who is still with her in 1860, Thomas
Richard RYCROFT "Dick" b 6 Oct 1845 Telfair Co GA d 15 Aug 1889 Worth Co GA,
m 1867 Telfair Co GA m Rebecca DOWDY b c 1853 d Crisp Co GA, daughter of his
first cousin.

John's other sister was Julia DOWDY FRY "July" (b 1810-1811 d Feb
1836 m 17 Apr 1828 Chatham Co GA m John FRY). She was probably b in Screven
Co GA, as were her two closest siblings. The two slaves which Richard DOWDY
Jr had left to this daughter were to be held in trust by his son John apart
from any debts of July's husband, and for any children they should have.
July d as an Augusta Road resident of Spring Hill, Savannah, and was buried
in Chatham Co GA 26 Feb 1836 at the age of 25. Her child of age one day had
been buried 8 Feb 1836. She died of "child-bed" with one of the Doctors
named SHEFTALL attending. Her husband may be the John Newton FRY Jr whose
burial along with those of his family were removed (from ?) to Laurel Grove
Cemetery in Savannah on 9 May 1854 -- the FRYs buried in Laurel Grove lot
665 do not have stones (the lot has only one small stone, and its meager
data hasn't helped me). I do not know if she had other children or what
became of John FRY.

Thus by 1850 the three related families of Ignatius Bell ANDERSON,
his brother-in-law John L. DOWDY and the latter's brother-in-law Thomas
RYCROFT were living in Telfair Co GA (formed 1807) and they all had settled
there c 1836-1838. I do not know if the later removal of Ignatius Bell
ANDERSON to Pulaski Co GA (formed 1807), Wilcox Co GA (formed 1857) and to
Dodge Co GA (formed 1870) were just physical moves or also involved changes
in county lines. (Is that why Rhine occurs in both Telfair and Dodge Cos
GA?). In 1850, John's orphaned nephew, Benjamin Franklin DOWDY b 1816, was
in Tattnall Co GA as was his mother, Rebecca SMITH, and his step-father,
Aaron B. STRICKLAND. John's orphaned niece, now Keziah DOWDY SCOTT, was
still in Screven Co GA as was most of his other ANDERSON in-laws (now LEE,
BURNS and LEE), with some in Effingham Co GA (a widow CANEDY and her son)
including his mother-in-law, Alley _____ ANDERSON.

Note: Rebecca SMITH DOWDY STRICKLAND's sister Eleanor/Ellender
SMITH MEGEE m2 Lewis Malone STRICKLAND, a second marriage for each of them.
Lewis Malone STRICKLAND m3 1836 m3 an Ann DOWDY b c 1802, whom I suspect,
because of her m age, is a widow (conjecture: perhaps the widow of Richard
DOWDY Jr d 1832, and even perhaps the Nancy MOULTRIE that a Richard DOWDY m
1822). This Ann (MOUTLRIE?) DOWDY STRICKLAND named a son Lewis Moultire
STRICKLAND b 1844. Additionally, Sarah Ann DOWDY ANDERSON (Gordian's
brother and my wife's ancestress) named one of her sons (Dr) John Moultrie
ANDERSON b 1837. On 12 Jan 1835, John B. MOULTRIE was surety both for John
L. DOWDY's guardianship of Ignatius Bell ANDERSON and for an Ann DOWDY's
guardianship of Keziah DOWDY. Yet another conjecture (for investigative
purposes only) would make Sarah Ann MOUTRIE b c 1814 the young widow of
Wylly DOWDY d by 1829 and very young mother of Keziah DOWDY SCOTT b c 1826
who m2 1833 William F. ANDERSON. The known intricacies of the ANDERSON,
DOWDY, MOULTRIE, SMITH and STRICKLAND relationships would require quite a
message in itself.

As you see, there are a number of issues to be at least further
explored if not resolved concerning the DOWDYs (and the ANDERSONs and the
MOULTRIEs). I look forward to learning more about these families (and the
LANEs who are related to my SHEPPARDs). Of course, I welcome any
corrections or additions to this discussion.

May God Bless You and Your Family,

Bob (John Robert) PEAVY
Post Office Box 1519
Rincon GA 31326-1519
From: Billie M. Sweat 05/11/99
Subject: Re: WILEY HURST Effingham Co GA Part I
Hello again, John. I continue to read your excellent work and info, but of
course a good percentage doesn't relate to me. However, the questions on
the DOWDY bunch (my ancestors) raises a new point for me. What source are
you using to establish that Richard Jr. is B.F.'s grandfather and have you
been able to identify the Ann he was married to? Do you have info on Richard
Sr.?I am still working on several of my lines and have just pretty much
accepted what I have on the Dowdy family based on Pof WG and some of the
info you have so kindly shared. ....
Please visit my Web Site-we may have families in common.

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