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Subject: Re: [GASCREVE] "History of Screven County, Ga".
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 18:06:52 -0500
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Hi Becky,

Look here:

Or here:


Becky wrote:

>Where can you find Hollingsworth Card Collection online?
>I looked up info on the "Regulators", and there was a Solomon Gross listed,
>and in some info, it stated he hid and was not captured, and then he was in
>the Battle of Alamance, I believe, and was imprisoned, and escaped!
>I've got to get my Gross info out.
>I posted info on this Gross line on the Gross group, and someone on there,
>said, the info about them coming from Switzerland, was all wrong.
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>>Hi Becky,
>>There was no mention in Arthur Gross' article of Solomon being a
>>Regulator. There were Regulator movements in both N.C. and S.C. before
>>the Revolutionary War. I seem to recall that the Regulators of N.C.
>>were suppressed by the Royal Governor of N.C. during the early 1770s.
>>Ed Mulligan has photocopies of J.H. Reddick's and Arthur Gross' file
>>cards regarding the Gross family. Those cards might provide information
>>about Solomon's origins in N.C. or VA. Ed, J.H., and Arthur are / were
>>all Gross descendants.
>>Also, the Hollingsworth Card Collection is available online and is
>>searchable. That might provide you with more usable information
>>relating to the early Gross family.
>>I hope that this helps.

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