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Subject: [GAWARE] Wiregrass Deserters-1
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 20:09:06 -0800

James B. O'Quinn was born April 24, 1827, in Barnwell District, S. C., a
son of Elijah O'Quin. He came with his parents to Georgia when
Mr. O'Quin moved to Clinch County shortly before the advent of the Civil
War. He was one of the first residents of the newlylaid-out town of
Homerville in 1860-61. Later he acquired lot of land 412, 12th district
Clinch County, and moved there where he lived a year or so during the war.
He enlisted in Company "I", 4th Georgia Calvary, a Confederate company
raised at Homerville in January, 1863. But due to\\\\\\\\\ differences with
his officers he left his command, \\\\\, hahahahahahahaha, \\\\and took his
family and removed to Picolatta, Florida, near Jacksonville, which
territory was then under Federal control. He later enlisted in the United
States Army and served in it until the close of the war. In 1866 he
returned to Clinch County for a brief residence. He then moved to Baker
County, Florida, thence In 1873 to "the Buffalo" in lower Wayne County,
Georgia, now Brantley County, later removing over into Charlton County. He
lived there until his death in 1914. He and his wife were buried in the
Dowling Cemetery near the Satilla River in Brantley County.
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James L. White was born in Ware County, May 4, 1826, a son of James 0.
White (Vol. I). He was married in August, 1849, to Elizabeth Sears,
daughter of Harrison Sears (q. v.). She was born August 8 , 1832, and died
Jan. 22, 1891.
Mr. White enlisted March 4, 1862, in Co. "G", 50th Georgia Volunteer
Regiment, Confederate Army, as a private. Company rolls show he deserted
July 20, 1862, but are incorrect
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\hehehehehehehe\\\\\\\\\\in that he was home sick and died
soon after. After the war, Mrs. White and her children followed her parents
to Clinch County and they lived near Homerville for awhile, but returned to
their old home community in Coffee County in what is now the Axson district
of Atkinson County. The widow died there in 1891 and was buried at Mount
Zion Baptist Church.

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Neil Drawdy enlisted in 1862 in Co. "W', lst Florida Cavalry regiment,
Confederate Army. Not liking their officers, he and his brothers, Smith
(called "Dade") and Luke Drawdy, deserted in Tennessee according to company
rolls, and they enlisted in Maj. White's battalion of Georgia cavalary in
1863, and fought bravely in that command until the close.\\\\This would
have to be checked out, it be akin to deserting the Army to join the

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