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Subject: Re: [GAWILKIN] Willis - Vaughn brick wall 1815 - ?
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 14:42:20 -0500
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Ah you have joined the Willis conundrum! Here's another problem. Children
of William Askew? Hall (the William A Hall [died 1934] son of Elisha Hall as
there were 3 William A Halls in the area) were Hanna Jane Hall married
William Irwin Chambers, Mary Ann Hall married James Chambers, Hollan
Hepsibah Hall married James M Willis and Sarah Francis Hall married William
Jesse Willis. William Jesse Willis had children William Alphus, Jeremiah
Franklin, Samatha, and Ellis. William Alphus was born in GA but don't
remember about the others. James M Willis had Sarah Melissa, William
McCager, Benjamen Dexter and Amanda Catherine (Amanda was born in Arkansas
the others in GA) Now William Willis, James Willis and James Chambers moved
to Arkansas about 1859. I can't find James Willis or Chambers in a census in
Arkansas but a letter written back to GA by James Chambers shows they are
there (Chambers in Drew county and James Willis somewhere nearby by
inference from the letter). Now here is where it gets sticky. Stories came
down in the family of William Jesse Willis that his father was Redding
Willis. William Alphus even named one of his sons "Carl Redding" and also
that William Willis and James Willis were brothers. The stories had to go
through just as many years but not as many people as there were some
long-lived people in William Alphus's line so I think it was 2 grandfather
to grandsons that it went through. No stories came down in my family at
all. The first we had heard of any of them was a book written by the Johns
family that happened to include ours and she doesn't specify what info came
from whom only the names of those she got the stories from so if the story
was in our family at all, those that contributed to the book have already
passed away so we can't ask them. We owe a great debt to the Johns family
for getting the stories and families when they did!!! Anyway I'm a bit
long-winded but then someone posted a transcription of a Bible they found at
the GA archives to this site and there is a James listed but not a William.
But it also has this James Willis married to Missouri Hooks. I can't say it
is the same Missouri but Bartlett Willis was married to a Missouri according
to census records. I'm wondering if that Alfred Willis Bible was one of
those filled out by a later generation and "backtracked from memory"- have
no idea. From what I found, Redding died about 1854 and apparently the
administrator of his estate died also along the way and the affair dragged
out to about 1859. This would fit with the William Jesse Willis side of the
story- they got the money to move in 1959 after Redding Willis died. Since
there was an Edman Dixon living with Redding and Elizabeth Willis in 1850 we
decided to try that route. In 1860 Edwin Dixon is married with kids (still
in Wilkinson county) and living with him is Elizabeth Willis. We can't find
them in 1870 but the Dixon family had them in 1880 and Elizabeth Willis is
listed as his mother. However so far there is nothing along those lines to
prove the relationship of our James, William Jesse, and Redding.

Well that is where we are with the Redding Willis family- not anywhere

Rhonda Raye

On 1/27/07, Emma Sanders <> wrote:
> Searching for parents of Sarah Willis, born in 1815, md. Coleman Vaughn,
> Nov. 19, 1832 in Wilkinson Co. Commonly believed to be the daughter of
> Reddin Willis and Elizabeth Dixon (Dickson), however no found documentation
> proves this contention. Sarah Willis Vaughn is not connected in any found
> record or censuses to Reddin (died intestate) or his children. Her
> children's names do not reflect any connection to the names of Reddin or his
> other children. Reddin Willis (Willess) was the only Willis h of h in
> Wilkinson Co. in 1820 or 1830 and he and his son Thomas Willis the only ones
> there in 1840. If you have info on another Willis in Wilkinson or
> neighboring counties that could be the parents of Sarah Willis Vaughn, I
> would appreciate very much hearing from you.
> I believe Reddin's daughter to have been Sarah Ann Willis that married
> William McMurrin (McMurrien) Sept. 11, 1831 in Wilkinson Co. Reddin's
> older daughter Eleanor (Ellen) Willis md. Lewis Spears who was one of 3 men
> providing bond for William McMurrin to serve as a guardian in 1836,
> Wilkinson Co. William and Sarah Ann Willis McMurrin moved to Baker Co. by
> 1841. The names of their children also reflect this Sarah's connection to
> the Reddin Willis family.
> Reddin had sons Alfred (Alphred) Willis, James Willis, Thomas Willis,
> Richard T. Willis, Irving (Iverson?) Willis and daughters Mary Ann,
> Eleanor, and Sarah. Sarah Ann Willis McMurrin (McMurray in 1860 and
> McMurry in 1870) had sons named Alfred McMurrin, James McMurrin, and Thomas
> McMurrin-the names of her proposed brothers.
> Alfred Willis (son of Reddin) had a son named William Willis and Sarah had
> a William McMurrin, Alfred had a son named John Franklin Willis and she had
> a son named John McMurrin and another named Franklin McMurrin. Both Alfred
> Willis and Sarah McMurrin had sons named Thomas and both Alfred and Sarah
> McMurrin had son's with the middle name of Iverson; James Iverson Willis and
> Abner Iverson McMurrin. Sarah McMurrin, Alfred Willis, Ellen Willis Lewis,
> James Willis and Thomas Willis (another 2 of Reddin's sons) all had
> daughters named Sarah; Ellen's being Sarah Ann Lewis and Thomas' daughter
> was Sarah A. B. Willis.
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