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Subject: [GAY-L] GAY of Isle of Wight, North Carolina, and Georgia Part 1
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 18:12:56 -0400

Here is part 1 of the GAY listing I have promised to email to all the people
on the list. I hope you all find something in this information to help you
in your quest to find all your missing GAY links!

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Historical Southern Families
Volume II
Copyright 1958
John Bennett Boddie
Pacific Coast Publishers
Redwood City, California

Page 103

Gay of Isle of Wight, North Carolina and Georgia

The Gay family is found in the Channel Islands after the Norman Conquest.
They located later in Kent and Devon. The Gays were shown in the
Visitations of Kent in 1674. Their arms were: "Gules crusily or 3 lions
rampant argent." Vivian's "Devon", has a large chart of this family with
arms: "Or, on a fesse sable between three eschollops azure, sic Losenges
enjoined argent."

Henry1 Gay, first of his family in Virginia, was a headright of James Long
who patented 300 acres on the western Branch of the Nansemond River, in
Nansemond County, Feb. 8, 1663, for the transportation of six persons among
whom was Henry Gay. There was a vast trade in headrights. Some of the most
prominent people in Virginia sold their own headrights. The Nansemond
County records were destroyed so we have to rely upon records of adjacent
counties for information.

Henry Gay, on April 22, 1669, received a grant form Sir William Berkeley,
Gov., of 400 acres of land in the Upper Parish of Nansemond for the
transportation of 8 persons consisting of the headrights of 4 children
assigned by Thomas Cullen and Andrew Clawson and four other persons whose
names seem to be indistinct tot he person who copied them. The grant was
adjacent to the lands of James Collins and Phillip Dewell. Henry Gay died
about 1688 for in 1689 Robert Lawrence married his widow, Joane Gay. On May
1, 1689, Henry Gay II, son of Henry I, made an agreement with Lewis Brian
(Bryan) as follows: "Lewis Brian of Nansemond stands indebted to HENRY GAY
of Isle of Wight, Feb. 1688-89. Conditions are that Lewis Brian will not
molest Robert Lawrence where he now lives on land formerly belonging to
Henry Gay, decd., from the main river up to Burnt House Branch. Henry Gay
also stands indebted to Lewis Brian and promises to pay in tobacco.
Conditions are that Henry Gay will not molest Lewis Brian in possession of
land adjacent to John Brian Sr." May 1, 1689, Wits.: John Brian, James

Robert Lawrence, stepfather of Henry Gay, made his will April 20, 1720,
probated Jan. 23, 1720/21 (badly torn). I give and bequeath
unto - - - - - - - - - - son Robert Lawrence shall have it
excepting - - - - - - - - - - - wife's death. Son-in-law HENRY GAY shall
have a chest and whom I also make my
executor - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Son-in-law JOHN GAY. Wits.: Ambrose
Sanders, Jane Gay.

Appraisal was made by THOMAS GAY, Jacob Darden and Thos. Stoker on same day,
total personal property £38 6 sh. 15d. (Son-in-law in that day meant
"step son")

Page 104

The known children of Henry Gay I were HENRY II, JOHN GAY and THOMAS GAY.
Thomas as son of "Joane Lawrence of Isle of Wight and Rebecca Page, dau. Of
Thomas Page of Isle of Wight were married on the 11th day of 11th month
1699. (Minutes Lower Va. Meeting 1673-1709). Thomas Gay was evidently a
Quaker and lived in Nansemond.

A Thomas Gay, a Quaker, made his will in Isle of Wight Oct. 26, 1750,
probated Dec. 6, 1750, as follows: to son JOHN, manor plantation; to sons
THOMAS and JOHN certain legacies when of age. Desires the Monthly Meeting
to settle the rest of my children, namely, CHARLES, MARY, WILLIAM, EDMOND
and JOHNATHAN amongst FRIENDS for their education and gives them rest of
movable estate. Wits. John Williams, Richard Pope, Mary Coggan.

This Thomas had children apparently too young for him to be the Thomas Gay
who married Rebecca Page in 1699. He may have been the son of the first

William Bryan of Isle of Wight, in 1722, made a deed of gift of land to "my
Son in Law, Thomas Gay". That phrase usually meant "step son" in those days
but this Thomas Gay cannot definitely be placed.

Jonathan Gay, evidently son of Thomas Gay who died in 1750 in Isle of Wight,
made his will in Northampton Oct. 13, 1821. He names wife MARTHA, dau. MARY
PALMER, sons WILLIAM and GREEN GAY; daus. SARY NANCY and ALICE GAY; grandson
James W. Newsom. Exrs. Wm. And Green Gay. Wits. Henry Boon Sr., Henry Boon

Jonathan Gay served in the Continental Line of Revolutionary Army as a
private for 3 years and received a grant of 224 acres of land.

End of Part 1
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