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Subject: [GAY-L] Will Robert Gay, 1791 Rockbridge Co VA
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 18:11:31 EDT

The following came across my radar screen and I thought I'd pass it on to you
all. I don't know any of these folks, but hope it helps someone.

Best Regards,
Janet Hunter...still looking for ancestors and family of Isham Gay, b. 1735,
father of Zorababel Gay, b. 1754 in NC, and Babel's wife Selah Corbitt.
What is Isham/Zorababel's relationship to Winifred Gay's husband John Gay,
whose son went to Davidson Co Tn, Nashville, as did Zorababel and Selah?


Subject: [RHEA] Rhea References & Notes Page 9-10 #101- 102

#101- ROCKBRIDGE CO., VIRGINIA WILL BOOK 1, 384-385.* Will of Robert Gay,
father-in-law of William Rhea (Jr.). dated January 31, 1791, proved April 5,
1791. Among the witnesses were his former son-in-law William Rhea (Jr.) and
William's second wife, Elizabeth (Brownlee, Nelson). Robert and Sarah Gay's
daughter, whose name may have been Mary (see Morton's HISTORY OF ROCKBRIDGE
COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 524),* was William's first wife and the mother of their
children, Robert, Archibald and Agness. Robert Gay bequeathed his land on
Moffet's Creek to grandsons Robert and Archibald "Reaghe," one-third of his
movable estate to his wife, Sarah, and two-thirds to his granddaughter,
Agness "Reaghe."
On July 7, 1795, William was appointed guardian to his daughter,
Agness, "for the purpose of receiving a legacy devised to her by Robert Gay
Decd." ROCKBRIDGE CO, VA ORDER BOOK 1795-1799, 69.* Shortly thereafter,
William and Elizabeth moved to Green Co., Kentucky (Ref.98). They were there
on Christmas Day, 1798, for the marriage of William's son, Robert, to
Elizabeth Rhea, daughter of William's brother, James. In 1802, Agness, who
had married William Wells, sued her father and former guardian for
non-payment of her grandfather's legacy. In William's answer to the suit that
was filed in the Green County Chancery Court (William Wells vs. William
Rhea),* he gave February 15, 1791 as the date of Robert Gay's death. Also,
that upon Robert and Sarah Gay's request, he had lived with them to support
them and "to keep their stock and support it." Thus we find the reason why he
left the Mill Creek property he had purchased from his father in 1775
(Ref.65), and sold in 1790 (Ref.94).

#102- AUGUSTA CO., VA COURT JUDGMENTS, MAY, 1755, Ramsey vs. Jamesons & Gay.*
See also, CHALKLEY, 1:315.* The complaint began, "John Ramsay Assignee of
Charles Donelly who was assignee of John Hansly-Complains of John Jameson &
Robt Gay & Sarah his wife late Sarah Jameson." The suit was over an unpaid
note for fifteen pounds dated January, 1754, and signed by John Jameson and
Satan (Her Mark) Jameson. The date on the front of the file is "1756 Mar."
Chalkley, 1: 317.* "Abercombie vs. Guy and wife. -Sarah Jameson, wife
to William Jameson, deceased, in the Cowpasture. Bond dated 5th September,
1754. Sarah married Robert Guy. Suit brought March, 1756." County Court
Judgments, May, 1756 (B). The author was unable to locate the original file.
According to a survey drawn in 1744, William Jameson owned 170 acres
on the Calfpasture River (DRAPER MANUSCRIPTS COLLECTION, IQQ9).* He was
captain of a company of militia by 1746 (Ibid., IQQ32), a "JustIice of ye
Peace," 1747 (CHALKLEY 1:529*) and qualified as Coroner on August 19, 1752,
only four months before writing his will (AUGUSTA CO, VA ORDER BOOK 2, 312).
His will, dated December 20, 1752, and proved March 21, 1753, named his sons,
John, George, Andrew and William Jameson. Wife, Sarah, was the executrix.
(AUGUSTA CO., WILL BOOK 1, 472-474,* also a copy of the original will*).
Oren F. Morton, referring to biographical and genealogical notes by
Boutwell Dunlap, a descendant of the Augusta County Dunlaps, stated that
Robert Gay first married Sarah Johnson in 1750, then Sarah Jameson, William's
(Dayton, VA: J.K. Ruebush Co. 1923, 201).* If true, which Sarah was the
mother of William Rhea Jr.'s first wife? That she was the widow of William
Jameson seems more plausable. George W. Cleek wrote about another Robert Gay,
the son of Samuel Gay, who came to Orange County (later Augusta) in 1738. he
was born about 1729, married Sarah Johnson in 1750, and died in 1816. Cleek,
George W. EARLY WESTERN AUGUSTA PIONEERS, (Staunton, VA: G.W. Cleek, 1957),
352.* Copy at Washington & Lee University Library, Lexington, Virginia.

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