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From: "Ila Miller" <>
Subject: More unknown Gemberling's
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 14:17:51 -0400

If you can help with any of this information please reply to the message using the list. The information be helpful to others as well.

Do any of you know who the parents are of these?
1920 census has Clarence Gemberling age 25, (b.1894-5 PA) he is a dye worker, his sister Grace K. age 24, (b. 1895-96 PA)
They are listed as nephew and niece in the home of William T. Russ age 71 and wife Catherine age 70
also in home is their daughter Virginia age 48 and he husband Clarence Snyder age 46.
1920 census for Sunbury, Northumberland Co, PA

Any idea who these people are and whom their parents are?

1920 census a few houses from Calvin Gemberling is Ezra Gamberling 22 and wife Flossie 21, he is a spinner at the silk mill, census is Selinsgrove, Snyder Co, PA. On the same census page is Charles Clay and Carrie Gemberling.

Here is a whole family group living next door or a house away 1920 c Selinsgrove, Snyder Co, PA. Where do they fit? I'll list them as they appear.

Eugene Gemberling head 36. b.PA (he is living next door to Edward R. but Edward didn't have a son Eugene did he? If not who is his father? His age and wife doesn't match up with any other Eugene's I have.
Lottie wife 33
Josiah M son 2y7m
Gussie/Grasie daughter 18 has different surname but hard to tell looks like Eisenholtz?

Ezra W Gemberling head 65 (possible that this is the father of the other Ezra above) but who does this one belong to?
Margaret wife 60

Have found a Mary Gemberling age 72 b. Missouri, living with daughter Maude age 45 b. 1885 KS and husband Geo. Swaninger in KS. Anyone know who the husband of Mary is? 1920c Fort Scott, KS

Albert 18 and Robert 9 listed as nephews living in the house of James and Emma Webb 1920c Selinsgrove. I have ran a search of my database and do not find an Emma Gemberling m. to Webb, or Albert or Robert as any Gemberling children where the father has a sister named Emma. Could be Webb's sister married a Gemberling, and they are her kids, but still no hit in the database.

Any help on any of these would be appreciated.
That's it for today, I have now completed processing the 1920c and adding the information along with "new" Gemberling / Gamberling's to the database.


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