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From: EdmAhn< >
Subject: *** Surname AHN AHNEN ***
Date: 18 Aug 1997 18:25:36 GMT

Hello "AHNENforscher"; "Ancestor-researcher for the names AHN..".

My surname is "AHN" but two of the oldest ancestors (approximately 1630)
are named "AHNEN".

Is there anybody with an ancestor-tree for this name?
Please help me to find the roots for both names.

Surname "AHN" - I have many documents. (2 trees up to 1600) and
Surname "AHNEN"- I have only the both above mentioned.
Surname "von AHN"- I'm searching for.
Surname "von AHNEN"- I'm searching for.

Contact me, if you are interested in the same way.



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