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Subject: where is Tinnen & Notum Belgium
Date: 10 Jul 1998 18:58:58 GMT

I just located an 1874 marriage record which indicates the following:

Marriage of Stephen Redding son of Nicholas from Notum, Belgien to
Margaret Spielman dau. of Peter & Catherine (maiden name Mohns)
Spielman of Tinnen, Belgien.

The record is from a German speaking Catholic church in Buffalo, NY.
I'm guessing that Notum could be Nothumb (Nottem) in Luxembourg
but I'm at a loss for Tinnen. The only thing I find remotely close is
Tienen. If someone has an atlas, I would be grateful for any help in
determining the proper spellings and locations if possible for both town names.

Thank you in advance,
Kathi White


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