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From: "Marc Lecuit" <>
Subject: Re: Split BE - NE - LUX ?
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 09:20:35 +0100

Joachim's proposal seems interesting - and reasonable - on the first sight.

But, considering the common historical background of what is today The
Netherlands, Belgium and the G.D. of Luxembourg, it is my opinion that we
should keep the BENELUX together, in one group/list.

I think that Joachim's problem, and also mine by the way, is not the fact
that 90% (?) is Dutch, but that 90% is written in Dutch. You look at a
header and realise that there might be something interesting hidden
beneath, but then it becomes very difficult for non-Dutch speaking listees
to try to decipher...

English offers itself as a lingua franca, comprehensible to many (more than
Dutch), in the german, french and luxemburgish ;-) speaking parts of

I realise that there is no neat way out of this problem - as long as not
everybody understands and writes English (sorry for the french, german and
dutch but english has won the race, at least in Europe ...)and as long as
not everybody agrees that a language is only a way of communicating with
people and not some kind of nationalistic or 'to be proud of' issue .

Marc Lecuit
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg

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| Subject: Split BE - NE - LUX ?
| Date: mercredi 1 décembre 1999 00:44
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| I'm sure nobody would be offended if I state that soc.genealogy.benelux
| is 90% Dutch. I'm interested in, at least, Limburg and Brabant
| information but nor the rest. Though a have to check hundreds of Dutch
| messages before getting to something important to me.
| I'm also interested in Belgian (Flanders and Wallony) and Luxembourg
| postings. But wouldn't it be easier for everybody to split this up? To
| have a Dutch site, a Belgian site, and a Luxembourg site?
| Thanks for comments!
| (and excuse me for writing in English - my French and German are okay
| but my Dutch is just awful).
| Joachim
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